A new kitchen remodel will have a considerable impact on your quality of life. The kitchen is where family traditions are made, it's a gathering spot at parties, and it's often the room that gets the most use in your home. Learn how we solve our clients' design problems by viewing images, floor plans, and before & after photographs of our kitchen remodeling projects.


An Elegant White Kitchen

This bright, contemporary, kitchen was the result of a modest remodel using the existing floor plan.
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Cheerful Burns Park Kitchen

This bright and open kitchen is a breath of fresh air for this Burns Park, Ann Arbor family.                              View This Project >

The New Traditional

This updated kitchen is bright and inviting, has an open layout, frameless cabinetry and an island peninsula. 
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Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

The removal of a carrying wall in this remodel enabled a kitchen designed for entertaining.
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Stonebridge Kitchen Remodel

A modern remodeled kitchen with painted white cabinetry in the Stonebridge community, Ann Arbor.
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Modern Kitchen Remodel

This open, contemporary kitchen renovation has painted gray cabinetry and a large horizontal window.
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Updated White Kitchen Design

Increased natural light, improved entry, and greater functionality are the features of this remodeled kitchen. 
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Craftsman Kitchen Design

A remodel that reinforced the kitchen as the center of their home in a contemporary Craftsman style.
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Modern Refreshed Kitchen

New contemporary cabinetry and increased functionality are highlights of this kitchen makeover.
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Ultra Modern Kitchen Upgrade

The contrasting white quartz counter-tops and dark cabinetry transform this kitchen into a modern-style. 
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Contemporary New Kitchen

Renovate a functional kitchen into a beautiful space that is well suited to entertaining family and friends.
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Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen 

An updated kitchen remodeled to create a more open layout that allows free circulation throughout.
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Open Kitchen Renovation

Using the original architecture, this open concept kitchen remodel made the space feel much larger.
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Slate Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen was redesigned to organize the layout, widen the kitchen entrance and update the countertops to slate.  View This Project >

Updated Kitchen Design

An updated kitchen design that kept the traditional style of the home while adding food preparation space.
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Cottage Style Kitchen Remodel

This remodel transformed a dark 1970's kitchen into a warm, light filled, casual cottage kitchen.
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Expanded Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen renovation called for demolishing two small walls to create a more open space. 
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Modern Kitchen Renovation

This renovation layout and design infused modern character, into the kitchen, stairway and master bath.
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"We've lived in this house for 25 years and investing in a beautiful interior design not only improved the value of our home, but renewed our enjoyment of the place in which we live. Not a day goes by but that one of us remarks on how much we love our new house."

-  Kim & Bill



Kitchen Relocation and Renovation Projects

There are times when the space needed to design a new kitchen is too small to accommodate our clients design dreams. In order to fulfill their wishes, we expand into an adjacent room or relocate the kitchen to an area better suited to the design they want. The kitchen renovation projects below illustrate circumstances where the kitchen has been moved to a different location or the floor plan has changed so that the kitchen compliments the home.


The Flip-Flop

This kitchen remodel called for opening the kitchen to the living room and creating a contemporary style.
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Kitchen Floor Plan Redesign

The functionality was improved by removing walls, relocating rooms, and redesigning the mudroom. 
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Kitchen Relocation & Remodel

This kitchen remodel called for rearranging the home's existing dining room and office into a spacious functional kitchen.
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Classic Kitchen Redesign

The kitchen remodeling objectives included repurposing a family room, to expand the floor plan. View This Project > 


"You can’t go wrong with these folks. From the outset, you can tell they are a quality company with thoughtful, compassionate, and most of all knowledgeable employees. They assign a master carpenter to the job along with a designer, and a full complement of people to make sure things are done right and on time (yes, they were exactly on time)!"

- Chuck