What Is Your Remodelers Plan For Dust Removal During Construction?

Home Remodeler Dust Removal Demolition

Stay safe and know how dust removal will take place during a renovation.

The image of a dust-covered remodeler may be a stereotype, but dust is not an insignificant problem when remodeling. Most homeowners want to stay in their homes during a remodel. This is why Forward Design Build Remodel has a plan for dust removal and control. It is one of the many safety precautions we take during a project that's designed to keep our homeowner's life as normal as possible during the project. Controlling dust during construction is important. Use a remodeler who is proactive about dust removal is that it can be harmful to your health. Besides, who wants dust all over their house? Especially in places that are not under construction. The inconvenience of demolition stage of your renovation will seem greater if your remodeler does not have a plan in place to solve the dust problem. Furthermore, if dust collects on important items in your home such as valuable instruments, home electronics, or artwork, you may have to have it professionally cleaned. A well-respected, professional design build firm would never allow this to happen.

Dust Can Be Hazardous To Your Families Health

If your home was built before 1978, there is a good chance the dust created could be contaminated with lead from lead-based paints. Living in Michigan, we are acutely aware that exposure to lead is dangerous. Asbestos is another hazardous element that can find its way into the dust as an older home is being renovated. For these reasons, we understand that dust control is imperative. It's our goal to keep dust to a minimum at all times during the remodeling process.

Here are the methods we use for dust removal and prevention.

Isolation of the construction area

One of the first steps of dust removal is to reduce the amount that creeps out of the rooms being worked on. We create an isolated work area by taking simple steps like closing doors and windows. We also install plastic sheeting and Zip walls to create a temporary barrier around the area we will be working in. Depending on the size of the remodel, we may create a pressure barrier to minimize the migration of those tiny particles.

To ensure a better remodeling experience, we control dust by isolating the work area, controlling airflow and capturing dust with an air scrubber known as the BuildClean Dust Control System.

A lot of forethought goes into how we will access the work area when we set up these temporary walls and sealed doors. Thinking through the egress helps us reduce the amount of dust being tracked in and out your homes non-work areas.

Keeping dust out of flooring and HVAC ductwork

Another aspect of dust remediation we pay close attention to are floors. The type of flooring in the space – carpet, tile or hardwood – will determine the covering that is best for the material. Certain fabric covers or self-adhering plastic will be used to protect different types of flooring material. We take the time to consider the floor before beginning a project so you can make sure you have the best protection for the space.

Sealing the ducts in the HVAC system with plastic is an important step we take. Dust can all too easily move through the ductwork from room to room.

Containing and Capturing Dust

Along with protective sheeting used on floors or walls, we will bring in a dust removal containment system. There are several mobile units on the market, so do your research on what each offers and what specific requirements you have.

Finally, the last best practice of dust removal should probably be your first act. Communicate with your remodeler during the interview process. They should be honest about the reality of dust during a remodeling project and be willing to share their plans to reduce, remediate, and clean dust. If they are not forthcoming or it feels as though they do not have a plan or process in place, seek another design build professional. Before the demolition begins, find a place to store items that would most be harmed by remodeling dust.

Eighty-five percent of homeowners surveyed said dust was the greatest annoyance of their remodel. With our dust removal and remediation plan, you can be confident that we will reduce the danger and nuisance of dust. 

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