The Best Countertop Material For a Bath or Master Suite Remodel

Master Suite Bathroom Vanity Countertop Materials for a Remodel Ann Arbor MI

Budget, Lifestyle, and Look Will Determine the Ideal Countertop Material For Your Master Suite Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom consists of making a lot of decisions. Some are functional, like do you want a separate shower enclosure and soaking tub, or a tub/shower with a surround. Some are style-oriented like lighting, hardware, fixtures, and flooring. Determining the best countertop material is daunting due to the huge variety of materials, colors, and textures available at all price points. Narrowing your vanity top choices comes down to functionality, design style and of course budget.

When in doubt, opt for durability.
While your vanity top won't need to deal with knife blades, hot frying pans and spilled wine like your kitchen counter, it will need to be able to stand up to water, soap, cosmetics, and alcohol and acetone based liquids. Fortunately, most of the materials on the market combine equal parts beauty and toughness. In fact, some of the most beautiful surfaces are also some of the most practical. But good looks that last forever come with a price.

The six of the best countertop material options that are popular choices for a master suite bathroom vanities.
If you're working with Forward Design Build Remodel, ask your designer to provide you with samples so you can learn how materials look and feel. It's the first step to understanding what type of vanity top will be perfect for your lifestyle.

Natural Stone Products


Granite is the number one natural stone product with homeowners thanks to its beauty, durability and an endless choice of colors and patterns. It's a perfect fit for any master suite décor. Granite is hard, scratch resistant, and requires minimal care. It's heat and humidity resistant making it perfect for use in the bathroom and will last forever. The only real downsides are that it is one of the most expensive choices and if handled improperly, it can be damaged. Your design-build team will need a highly trained professional for the installation.


It's a symbol of luxury and elegance and a staple in the master suites of the affluent. Today, while marble is in the price range of many homeowners, it is still one of the most expensive materials available. Marble is crystallized limestone, commonly white with streaks of gray, although there are a variety of colors variations available. Marble is a durable, long lasting material that is resistant to chips and dents, comes in both honed (matte) and polished finishes and fits into any décor. Be aware of the downsides, though. Marble is expensive and because it is porous is prone to staining, scratching, and etching if acidic liquids come into contact. To keep it at it's best you should periodically reseal the surface.

Engineered Stone Products


Quartz is made up of about 95% natural stone chips and dust mixed with pigment and resin. It's tougher than granite and never needs sealing. Quartz is naturally resistant to moisture making it an excellent choice for the bathroom. It's also stained, and bacteria resistant comes in a wide range of colors and offers many different edge treatments and installation options. The downside to quartz is that it can cost almost as much as granite or marble. Both honed and textures can show fingerprints which will mean frequent cleaning.

Solid Surfaces

Like quartz, solid surfaces are made up of crushed natural stone and resin. Originally introduced in 1967 by DuPont under the brand name Corian, It's an extremely durable surface that is resistant to scratches, moisture, and bacteria. It comes in a wide variety of colors and beautifully flecked or streaked styles and can rival natural stone in its beauty. Solid surfaces are seamless, and any minor damage can be easily buffed out. Bathroom vanity tops are available with the sink and backsplash integrated into the countertop. There are just a few downsides. First, they will require professional installation. Wear and scratches may be more visible on darker colored tops, and solid surfaces can be damaged by intense heat and dropped objects. For these reasons, and especially if you have children, the solid surface is not in contention for the best countertop material.

Alternative Surfaces


Concrete is a trendy new material gaining in popularity. Its popularity comes from it's appeal as a sustainable organic material that can mimic the properties of the natural stone. Because it is cast as needed, it's available to your exact specifications. It can take pigment, offers a variety of finishes, is durable and eco-friendly.  There are some considerations when choosing concrete. First, it will need to be professionally designed, fabricated and installed. It is also porous and will need periodic waxing and sealing to keep it water resistant.


Laminate isn't the same surface it was in the 1970's. Today, realistic stone and wood finishes are the norms in modern laminate, and there are many solid colors and patterns also available. Laminate is affordable, durable, and easy to clean. Pre-sized countertops are available at most home improvement stores. On the downside, laminate tends to thin or dull over time, and when damaged it means replacing the whole countertop.

These are just the most popular choices in the running for the best countertop material. Countertops are also available in glass, ceramic and porcelain time, and wood. Today, your choices are only limited by your budget and creativity. High-quality materials are available to fit any budget and aesthetic style. Give your designer at Forward a call. They can help you choose the best countertop material for your specific lifestyle, budget, and sense of style.

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