Are Residential Interior Barn Doors | Passing Trend or Practical?

Modern Interior barn doors Ann Arbor

Modern barn doors are popular and save space but are they here to stay?

If you've spent any time at all watching HGTV shows like Fixer Upper or checked out any of the latest home design magazines, then you've most likely seen sliding barn doors. A search for residential barn doors on Houzz resulted in almost 300,000 photographs. It's a hot new trend that is stylish, can fit any décor, and they look great either open or closed.

Whether your design style is rustic, shabby chic, even completely modern or contemporary there are ways you can make a barn door work in your home. Here are a few tips, thoughts and ideas for incorporating sliding barn doors into your interior décor.

First, decide how you'll use barn doors

Sliding barn doors are a practical, space saving option for many homeowners. Interior sliding barn doors have a high practical value as well. They're multifunctional as both doors and a design element and are a great way to use and save space.

The first step is deciding how you want to use your barn door and consulting with your designer to make sure you have the space for it in your home remodel. Barn doors are a wonderful option for areas of your home that you want to have the flexibility to close off from public view and that do not need to be kept locked, for example, a media room, bathroom or home office. They're also a great option in the kitchen for the pantry, or in the master suite as a closet door.

Along with practicality, sliding barn doors are a great design element that can add drama and flair to a space. They're a great way to create a dramatic entryway or closure for your home office or bedroom. Some homeowners even use them by hanging them as a fixed design element simply for their style.

Next, consider your home's interior design

It's important to work with your designer to ensure a barn door fits the style of your home and the décor that will be surrounding it. Barn doors take up a large amount of wall space so it's best used in an area that is clean, uncluttered and simple. While most barn doors are made of wood, today they've made their way into styles other than rustic by using materials like mixed metals, lacquered finished, and glass with metallic hardware.

If you decide to paint your barn door, it's a good idea to keep the room's paint color neutral and the hardware simple to keep it as a focal point. If you're looking for a more subtle design statement, consider painting it a color closer to the wall color to make it blend in. This technique can make the room appear larger and allow more freedom when accessorizing the space.

For a contemporary look, modern barn doors are available with frosted glass insets allowing the natural light to flow into the room, while still offering privacy. Your door can even function as an artistic element and help dictate your style. A bold bright color can give you a wonderful piece of art, while a neutral stain or paint can make it fit into a more traditional style.

Finally, choose your barn doors style

No matter what your home's style, there's a way to include a barn door. Today, a barn door is perfect for any style from rustic farmhouse, to contemporary industrial. It can make a design statement in any home. You have so many choices from a single door or double door, to materials like wood, metal or glass, that the possibilities are almost endless.

While most barn doors are typically made of wood with metal tracks,  everything from old church doors, French doors, castle doors, even two by fours nailed together can be adapted for use as a sliding barn door. For inspiration schedule a call with one of Forward Design Build's designers or start a collection of images on Houzz or Pinterest.

Also consider antique and architectural salvage stores. An interesting vintage door that has been retrofitted to work as a barn door can be an incredible statement piece in your home. You can also customize your barn door hardware, tracks and wheel colors to add another layer to this most flexible design element! No matter what your creative vision, your design-build contractor or interior designer can work with you to create a custom look that will be simply stunning.

At Forward Designs we're always working to help our clients achieve their creative vision. Our designers are very familiar with the many creative uses of sliding barn doors and have been helping our clients, throughout the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, add them to their homes. If you're still not sure or want to learn more, just give us a call! We're always ready to help with your next home design or remodeling project.

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