The Advantages Of Using A Design-Build Remodeler In Ann Arbor

The Benefits of Using a Design-Build Remodeler

For homeowners in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, choosing the right way to go about planning and completing a complex home improvement project is an important decision. Traditionally, you would first choose an architect or designer to plan and design your project. Then once the design was completed, you'd shop it to various general contractors to gather bids for the work. You would choose the GC best suited to your project, and then they would hire the various subs needed to complete the job, from framers, to dry wallers, plumbers, electricians, painters and other tradespeople.

With this build model, because each trade – architect, designer, and contractor – are working individually, and not together as a team, the cost of custom design is often out of reach to the typical homeowner. Each element is not taking into consideration the needs... and costs of the others.

Contrast this to the design-build remodeler model. In this build model, both the design and build elements are delivered by a single company that is responsible for your project from beginning to end. A design-build remodeler has all of the capabilities needed in-house – from architects and engineers to interior designers, estimators, project managers and crew.

As a single point of contact business model, design-build remodelers offer a much more efficient business model. And that efficiency save you, the homeowner time, money and reduces the stress of a home improvement project.

Let's explore some of the many benefits of using a design-build remodeler for your next Ann Arbor home improvement project!

The Benefits of Using A Design-Build Remodeler

Working with a design-build remodelers offers benefits over the traditional design-bid-build- model at every stage of your project. Not only is the process more efficient at a lower cost, it gives the homeowner significant input at every stage of the process. With a design-build remodeler, you are a major member of the team from the first day, until the day the truck pulls away. Here are six specific benefits that working with a design-build remodeler offers homeowners.

• Listen, Discover, Design

Your collaborative relationship begins the first time you sit down with your designer. Their top priority at the first meeting is to listen to you and discover your core needs, your creative vision, and begin to understand your lifestyle to determine how you'll utilize the new space, whether it's a kitchen remodel, a new bathroom or a home addition.

They will focus on the WHY of you project. What is currently not working in your home and why you want to change it. Then they will offer suggestions based on this information to provide you with real solutions that fit your specific needs.

The second half of this discussion will focus on your budget. Unlike the traditional design-bid-build model, because all functions of your project take place with a single firm, your budget is a primary consideration. They will ask about how much you are comfortable and willing to spend to achieve your goals, and then design to your budget.

Unlike the traditional model where the architect will need to be paid his fee, and the contractor will need to be paid their fee, based on your design, because all elements of your project are handled by a single firm, a design-build remodeler will maximize your budget allocating funds to each element in order to provide you with the highest value.

• Design Finalization/ Preliminary Estimate

A design-build remodeler will balance your wants and needs to establish your design and budget. In a single team, the designers, architect and estimators work closely together to create a balanced design and construction plan that meets your needs, AND your budget. By working this way from the beginning of the process, estimates are more accurate and surprises and cost overages are minimized.

Your team will work with you during this process to choose the fixtures, finishes, flooring, tile etc. that are within your budget, but also align with your personal aesthetic and creative vision. They make the process of design fun and exciting!

• Final Selections, Construction Estimates and Contracts

This is the final preliminary stage where all of the design and budget considerations coalesce. The design team is updated when you have made your final decisions and your team finalizes the construction plan and interior design drawings for final approval.

Once this step is completed, you are presented with a final estimate for your project that incorporates all of your decisions. Your build team will finalize all sub-contractor agreements and present you with a final design plan and construction contract for you to sign.

• Constructions Process

This is the final step of the process. Your design-build team has carefully planned and scheduled every element of construction and has briefed you on the many details and decision that will need to be made, and what to expect in terms of your budget. It is all clear, upfront, and presented to your by your project management contact before any construction begins.

They will go over all the logistics and project phases with you. From day one until your project is complete, your firm will have ongoing, on-site supervision by a Project Superintendent, weekly client updates, and will report to the Project Manager and Design Team throughout the process.

Meet The Forward Design Remodeling Team

When you work with a design-build remodeler, you receive a level of personal services that is lacking in the traditional design-bid-build model. Your input is a vital component of the process and is encouraged on an ongoing piece of the remodeling process.

Because you are working with a single point of contact, team members across disciplines are in constant contact about your job. Getting an approval, or a question answered doesn't require days of phone tag, it requires walking across the hall! This makes the entire process run smoothly and keeps your best interests top-of-mind with your team. Working with a design-build remodeler for your next Ann Arbor home improvement project is a smart decision!

If you're considering a project and you live in the greater Ann Arbor, Michigan area, give the experts at Forward Design Build a call! We're always ready to sit with you and discuss your project. Ready to get started? Call us today!