Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting a Remodeling Project

Ask These Questions Before Starting a Remodeling Project

If you live in Ann Arbor and are planning a remodeling project, there are a few easy ways to prepare yourself for the journey.

First, do your best to define your motivation and the underlying reasons why you want to remodel. While you may feel like you're just sick of your current kitchen and you want to update, defining the underlying reasons can help you to better define your creative vision and functional needs! This is an important step towards planning your project. The better you understand your motivation, the easier it will be to have a meaningful conversation with your design-build contractor. If they can “see” what you see and understand your needs, they'll be more efficient - and better able to design the most functional, aesthetically pleasing solution for you.

    10 Questions To Ask Before Your Next Remodeling Project

    The way to define your needs is to start by answering some key questions about your project. The following ten questions can help you to define your project and narrow your focus; the more details you have about your needs, goals, and vision the easier it will be to establish a connection with your design team.

    Here are ten questions to answer before you begin your project:

    1. What rooms will you be renovating?

    Seems basic, but really think about it. Renovating one space may affect several of the adjoining areas. For example, doing a complete gut remodel or opening your kitchen up to the rest of the home may make the adjoining areas look dated in comparison! If your budget or schedule mean that you'll take your project one room at a time, this is an important consideration. Talk to your interior designer about this right off the bat.

    2. What is your budget?

    Coming up with your budget may mean taking into account more than just the cost of the remodeling project. For example, what if you're having your floors refinished and you need to spend several days in a hotel? Or if you're remodeling your kitchen, it's down to the studs, and you need to feed the family? There may be additional costs outside of your remodeling contractor to consider.

    3. How will you use the remodeled space?

    Will you be entertaining guests in the living room, or will it predominantly host movie nights with the kids? Understanding how you'll use the space will dramatically affect the look, function, and design of the room.

    4. What is your personal style?

    Do you prefer the warmth of traditional design or the clean lines of modern or contemporary design? Do some research. Check out sites like Houzz and Pinterest to get an idea of a design style that speaks to your aesthetic.

    5. Do you have any special considerations?

    Are you an older homeowner planning on aging-in-place? Does anyone in your extended family have mobility issues? If so, you may want to consider factoring those solutions into your design now, rather than renovating again later.

    6. Is sustainability important to you?

    If you're environmentally conscious, you may want to consider using green construction techniques or increased energy efficiency in your design. It can not only help the environment, but it can also lower your long-term costs.

    7. What are your flooring preferences?

    What's on the floor is vital to the look and feel of your space. In fact, many designers work from the floor up when designing a space. Do you prefer hardwood? Natural stone? Carpet? Work with your designer when choosing flooring as it may affect your choices when it comes time to select other finishes.

    8. What about color?

    Do you have specific color choices you're comfortable with? If you don't like bold, bright colors and prefer more muted tones that let your furniture or artwork shine, let your designer know early in the process!

    9. What about your storage needs?

    Consider your storage needs before starting your project. Are you remodeling the master suite? Do you need one large walk-in closet, or smaller his and hers closets? In the kitchen, would you prefer a walk-in pantry, or larger upper cabinets to the ceiling for extra storage? Storage can be difficult and expensive to add later in the process, so make sure to plan ahead!

    10. What materials do you love?

    Do you love marble countertops in the kitchen or radiantly heated stone tiles in the bathroom? You'll have to choose materials like countertops, flooring, doors, wall finishes, and much more. All of these elements come in a variety of materials, finishes, sizes, and colors. The more precise you are in terms of your preferences, the easier it will be for your designer to incorporate your choices into their design. 

    Define Your Remodeling Needs

    Taking the time to consider what you truly want to accomplish with your home remodeling project will save you time and money over the course of the project. Your style, budget, and lifestyle will help to narrow your choices, but by defining your wants and needs, your designer can better meet your expectations when designing your space. Answering key questions will:

    • Focus your creative vision and goals for your project
    • Help you to clearly communicate them to your design-build remodeling team
    • Significantly lower the stress surrounding the home remodeling process resulting in an enjoyable partnership with your design-build team
    • Result in the perfectly functional, aesthetically beautiful space that meets all of your needs.

    If you're planning a remodeling project and you live in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, give the experts at Forward Design Build a call. We're always happy to help you to define your needs. Whether it's a kitchen remodel, a new master ensuite, or a full addition, no job is too big or too small. Let us help you to achieve your creative vision!