Design Matters | Flaming Lips Residence and Studio / Fitzsimmons Architects

The Flaming Lips front man has seen to the renovation of an old warehouse space into his new master bedroom & bathroom, art/recording studio, and large family room.  The renovation is only one part of a larger master plan (known as “The Compound”) that will eventually connect six adjacent properties to this central structure.  The Compound is located in a run-down part of Oklahoma City where Coyne grew up, and this project is a testament to his commitment toward building up his childhood community. via Arch Daily

The Coynes were enthusiastically engaged in all parts of the project from initial design through construction, and architects succeeded in desiging a sort of light, blank canvas that promoted the two eccentric clients toward finishing out the spaces with their own personal visions.  The main living area’s roof was raised to create a clerestory, and fitted with one wall of glass doors that open out to an East patio and and the yard beyond.  The master suite overlooks a fountain and the West patio to the South, and and a private garden and acclaimed shower (aka the “Dragon Egg”) to the North.  The Dragon Egg is an egg-shaped, concrete-insulated shell that contains the shower and soaking tub complete with LED lights and water jets.

Before Renovations

Exterior Before Renovations