Design Matters | Top Finds at the 2013 International Builders Show

The show was fantastic!  Here is a my list of my top products that we can start using in our projects right away.

This is an interesting use of a pallet of studs, It's actually hollow inside, and reuse-able.

Leviton products had an outstanding showcase.  The electrical switch/outlet covers and plates are interchangeable, unbreakable, and come in +/- 24 colors.  Their entertainment, energy management, and security modules were also very impressive.

Modern Exterior Siding - I have been looking for a long time, and have finally found some solid directions.  The siding to the left is basic hardi-panels, but utilizes a unique oval z-flashing to create a striking horizontal band.  The panel system on the right is also hardi-panel with an interior H clip flashing to create a paneled look. 

Xtreme Trim by Tamilyn

This is an illuminated counter top.  Pretty cool stuff, however, whats really unique about this is the "snap together" LED lighting panels underneath by Outwater Products. Typically, a custom manufactured panel is required.....but not any more.....:)!

We've all see chalk board doors before, but these doors by ODL take it a step further and hollow out the door to achieve a very usable 4" of interior storage on the back side of the chalk board, or dry erase board.

A great modern / contemporary interior door by Masonite.

This is a very functional sound barrier, and at around $2/square foot....very reasonable. Acousti-bloc was a fun little find on the show floor.