Why You Should Work With A Bathroom Designer When Remodeling

The Role of a Bathroom Designer When Remodeling

Thanks to the prevalence of DIY shows, homeowners are taking on more projects around the house. While that's a positive thing, some projects are absolutely best left to the professionals. A bathroom remodeling being at the top of the list!

The typical bathroom remodeling consists of elements that touch on almost every area of construction, and for a professional result, it's important to have a talented contractor, or design build firm on your team. The typical remodeling requires plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, tiling, flooring and more. The typical homeowner doesn't have the experience or expertise to handle all of the necessary construction.

The key is to find a team that you can really work with that will understand your needs and creative vision. When you find a bathroom designer or design build team you can work with, the process is much more fun and enjoyable, and the finished results can be outstanding!

Why Working With A Bathroom Designer Is Important

Designers are aware of the latest materials and cutting edge technology available. They're also a key person when it comes to spacial planning and getting the layout right. The most beautiful finishes in the world may look pretty, but if the room is awkward, cramped or doesn't flow properly it doesn't matter. A small bathroom needs to be designed so it's easy to use, and appears larger and more spacious, while a large bathroom needs to be practical, functional, warm and inviting.

Your bathroom designer can consult with you about the most important design elements, the hard finishes like tiles or stone. They will also take into consideration the functionality like proper ventilation, lighting and storage.

Your bathroom designer will also understand how the bathroom will be used, whether it's a guest bathroom, a kid's bathroom or your master en suite. When working with your designer it's really important to have an open relationship with clear communication. Give them a brief concise and detailed explanation of your creative vision and a realistic budget to work with.

Educate Yourself on Bath Design First

Create an ideas file by visiting websites like Houzz and DIY. Clip photos from home magazines and visit bathroom specialty stores, and even the big box retailers and check out the products available. New materials and products come on the market all the time. While your bathroom designer will have knowledge of the latest products, taking the time to do your own research before you hire a designer can help you with the process.

You'll be making a myriad of decisions on items like tubs, shower heads, toilets, tiles flooring, wash basins lighting and even storage. Understanding the functionality and longevity of the products you're selecting can help you to make educated choices and have productive discussions with your team.

Take some time to think about things like the frequency of cleaning. For example, new quarts sheet products are available that can give you the look of stone, with no grout making cleaning as easy as wiping down the shower walls. Manufacturers are producing new smart toilets that clean themselves.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Designer

When choosing your bathroom designer and design build firm start with their portfolio to make sure they have the knowledge and expertise to achieve the look and functionality you're going for. Choose a firm that exhibits a knowledge of a variety of different styles so they don't design your bathrrom in “their” style, but can achieve your creative vision.

Ask questions about their payment needs and what milestones you can expect in a certain timeframe. Make sure they can give you a solid schedule for your project, how long it's going to take, when you will need to make decisions about materials to stick with the schedule, and get information on the steps and tradespeople involved. Anyone you choose should be able to manage each step of the project and have reliable subcontractors for plumbing and electrical. Ask about permitting and inspections to make sure they have a good relationship with your local building department.

It all comes down to finding a designer and contractor, or design-build remodeling firm that is flexible to work with, open to your vision and can deliver you the bathroom you want withing your budget and your timeframe. The bottom line is that you should feel comfortable with the expertise of your bathroom designer and their team along with their work, experience, knowledge and integrity.

If you're planning a bathroom remodeling project, give the experts at Forward Design Build a call at (734) 761-8403. Our design team has the experience and knowledge of the latest materials, design trends and technology to help you to achieve your creative vision. If you'd like to learn more, give us a call and arrange a no-obligation consultation about your project. Let our talented team help you to create your dream bathroom!