Using A Design Build Remodeler on Your Home Improvement Project

Working With A Design Build Remodeler

Your home is the largest investment you'll likely make in your lifetime. Few homeowners know what to expect when making extensive home improvements. From building codes and zoning ordinances to design options and vendor choices, the entire process can be confusing. 

If you're planning a major home improvement like a new kitchen or an addition, hiring a specialist in home design and remodeling is the best choice to guide you through the design build process.

They will have the experience and expertise to take you through the entire process: from planning and design through construction. That's why it makes sense to partner with a qualified, licensed and experienced design build firm for your next remodeling project.

Your Home Improvement Project: Taking The First Step

Once you've found the right design build team for your project, it's time to begin the planning process. Your designer will set meetings to get to know you, understand your creative vision, lifestyle and wish list.  Then he or she will translate your dreams into the space! Your project goals will be integrated into a realistic budget.

When this planning process is complete you'll have an outline of construction objectives along with a complete budget tailored to your specific project.

Many homeowners want to be involved in the creative process. If you do, make sure to let your team know your preferences early in the process. Designing your home should be a team effort. There will be plenty of design decision that you can help expedite like choosing cabinets, hardware, materials, and colors to name just a few. As a homeowner, you can visit showrooms, gather samples, fabric swatches and color strips. 

Your Role in the Home Improvement Process

As the homeowner, you'll play an important role throughout the home improvement process. From reviewing and approving design concepts to choosing materials, you'll have plenty of involvement. Don't let it overwhelm you! Your team will be there to help guide you through the process. They will gather inspiration and create sketches to help deliver you the dream space you imaging. To get prepared, your job is to do some homework including:

1. Determine Your Goals, Likes, and Dislikes

Your role in the goal setting and design process is important. One of the best ways to get the ball rolling is to create an ideas file - we use tools like Pinterest boards and Houzz ideabooks. Collect clippings from newspapers, design magazines, product brochures, photos, paint chips anything that can express your aesthetic. Also gather any important paperwork like a site plan, deed restrictions, homeowner association covenants, or if you're planning an addition – blueprints. Begin the process before you've spoken to potential builders to jump-start the selection and design process.

2.  Create A Wishlist

As you start to collect ideas, visit sites like Houzz and Pinterest to get ideas for “wish list items” like that fabulous professional range, or built-in pantry. Think about the features of your current space that you love and the things you'd like in your new space. Create two lists, one to document the “old features you love” like the beautiful mahogany fireplace mantle, and the “new” items you want, like the custom gas fireplace insert.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 1.48.56 PM.png

3.  Prioritize!

Unless you have a truly unlimited budget, you'll need to prioritize your wishes; work with your family to fine-tune your list taking their needs and wants into account as you begin to solidify your budget.

Your designer can help you to prioritize and may offer alternatives that fit your budget, for example, changing your choice for an imported Italian marble countertop to manufactured quartz - which can provide the same look at a more budget-friendly price. Think about your lifestyle and needs, then answer some questions to prioritize your wishlists. For example:

• Do you need additional closet space, a bigger kitchen or a private study?

• Do you need a large space for family gatherings?

• Does a low-maintenance exterior fit your lifestyle?

• Is an outdoor space important to you?

• Do you need a home office?

• Do you want custom cabinetry, hardwood molding or other millwork?

Your questions may be different, but they may help you to narrow your focus. Our team of designers and builders will help you to define your goals, but ultimately your wants, needs, and budget are the most important piece. 

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