Working With Your Designer To Choose Bedroom Paint Colors

Modern Bedroom Paint Colors

Choosing bedroom paint colors can be challenging! Our color design tips can help. 

We've all been there, staring at the walls covered with paint chips or all marked up with sample colors, trying to come up with the perfect shade.  It's actually an important decision. Color can affect our emotional state.

There are many factors that contribute to quality sleep like stress levels, whether or not you exercise, even what you eat or drink. A less obvious, but just as important factor is what colors you choose to design with or paint the walls. There's a lot that goes into choosing the perfect color for the bedroom. And while there are no set rules, the color you choose should match the tone you'd like to set.

The bedroom is the place we go to relax, unwind and recharge after a long day. Bright colors, while visually exciting, can be distracting when it comes time to rest. Soft, soothing pastels, while setting a relaxing tone can be dull. So what do you do?

Let's explore some ideas for bedroom paint colors so that you can choose a color palette that can meet your aesthetic needs, and your psychological ones as well. Our goal is to help you create the perfect space for sleeping or just relaxing!

Consider Color “Temperature.”

Warm colors tend to advance towards the eye. They are more active and can create a stimulating effect. While they can be exciting, it's not necessarily conducive to a relaxing, restful space. Cool colors from the blue-green to blue-violet spectrum, including most grays, tend to recede from the eye producing a more calming and relaxing effect. If cool colors aren't aesthetically pleasing to you, warm colors that are lighter and subtle like soft yellows or pinks, while warm,  can also be relaxing.

As a general rule, bedrooms are meant for relaxation and to be serene and happy places. Try to stay away from bedroom paint colors that convey high-energy, like bright greens, deep reds or bold hues. If you're going for a sexy, romantic look stick to darker colors like olive, deep violet, navy or charcoal. If your taste runs towards a softer vibe, consider color combinations like duck egg blue and champagne.

The other option is to keep the walls neutral for a simple, classic look. By keeping the walls neutral, you avoid trends and can have fun with the other elements of the room like bedding, throw pillows, tables, and lamps. Keeping a neutral palette allows you to add drama, focus, and interest with pops of color and layers of design depth.

Have a vision for your bedroom paint colors

While it's fun to browse thousands of colors to try to find the perfect one for you, it helps to start with a general vision of what you'd like for the space. Consider your intent. Are you seeking drama or a tranquil, relaxing oasis to escape to after a long day at work? A great practice is to visit online sites like Pinterest or Houzz and compile a file of pictures of rooms that speak to you. You can also rip pictures from design magazines and create a file which you can then share with your designer to give them a better idea of your creative vision.

Pay attention to the existing elements of your bedroom. Do you have natural wood window frames or molding? Hardwood floors or carpeting? If you're starting from scratch, you can choose colors and finishes that work together. If you're dealing with an existing space, consider the colors that are already in the space.

If you have an exact color in mind that you may have seen on Houzz you can often get more information by clicking on the photo. If you have a color you're in love with that you picked out of a design magazine; your designer can do a color match to find the exact color.

Finally always test your bedroom paint colors in the actual room under different lighting conditions throughout the day and evening. Light affects color so if your room lacks natural light the color may read differently than it does in a room filled with natural light. And always use the exact finish you plan to use when testing. High gloss paint will look very different than matte, which will look very different than eggshell. Make sure that you test a large enough area to get a good idea of what your room will look like. Also if possible, check the color throughout the day under different natural and artificial light conditions to get a real feel for how it will look.

Choosing bedroom paint colors can seem a bit overwhelming. The best course of action is to take time, do some research, compile an idea folder and if you're working with a designer talk to them to help you narrow your choices. Here at Forward Design Build we've been helping our clients in Ann Arbor to achieve their creative visions for years. Our designers can help you to pick the perfect color for your bedroom. If you want to learn more or would schedule a time to speak about your project, click here to contact us!

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