A Remodelers Advice on Designing A Master Suite Addition

How To Plan and Design A Master Suite Addition

For many homeowners, adding a master suite addition to their home is a favorite project for personal comfort and the enjoyment that comes with having a personal space. When planning your dream master suite addition, the key to success is incorporate the rooms into space you already have.

Adding a 20 X 20-foot master suite addition to your home that includes a large bedroom, en suite bathroom and walk-in closet with mid-range finishes and fixtures has a national median price of around $112,500 according to the Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors. The cost will vary depending on features like a soaking tub, finishes like flooring and the complexity of the floor plan. Talk to the designers at Forward Design Build Remodel for information on cost for Greater Ann Arbor. 

According to the report, a master suite addition returns about 53% of its cost when you sell, but 88% of homeowners said that their new master suite increased the enjoyment and comfort of their home.

Where Will You Build The Addition?

Before you begin construction or even planning, there are some fundamental decisions you will need to make. Your first concern should be the location of your master suite addition. This is probably the biggest and most complicated decision you'll make. You want to think about how your addition will relate to your existing landscape, or if it even can if it is not a ground floor addition. You'll also need to consider privacy and how the layout will work with the rest of your home.

If you are considering a second-floor addition, you need to be mindful of your home's existing structure and may need to factor in additional costs such as upgrading plumbing and electrical to meet current building codes.

If you are adding a ground floor addition, will you want access to the outdoors, perhaps a private patio for enjoying morning coffee, or French doors leading to the pool area? Current trends have homeowners opting for ground floor additions. This can be especially beneficial if you are planning to stay in the home into your later years and aging in place is necessary.

When considering location take into account if you have views from your property. If you do, you should take full advantage of them. Once you have settled on the location, it is time to beginning planning the construction of your master suite addition.

5 Tips For Planning Your Master Suite Addition

1. Discuss Your Options With Your Design Build Firm

Once you have determined a location but before you have had floor plans drawn up, discuss your options with your design build firm. They can inform you of any zoning regulations you may need to consider, like set backs and height restrictions or any HOA considerations. The present condition of your home's structure may also impact your plans. Your design build firm can help you to determine these technical factors and work with you on all aspects of your project from planning to completion.

2. Identify The Infrastructure Elements That Are Most Important To You

Your master suite is your private oasis away from the kids and your guests. Take the time to consider details like:

Privacy – is your home isolated, or in a dense neighborhood? This can affect the orientation of windows, doors and other elements.

Storage – Assess your storage needs. Will you want a single walk-in closet, or his and her's closets? What about shelving and cabinets in the bathroom? Determine these requirements before you start.

• Noise Issues – Take into account keeping outside noise like traffic or neighbors out, but also consider other family members, especially if your addition is on the second floor, for example using hardwood floors or carpet to abate interior noise.

• Exits and Entryways – Will your plan include outdoor access to a private patio, deck or hot tub area? On the interior consider wider doors and level thresholds if you are planning on aging in place for safety and easier accessibility.

3. Think About Exterior Features

Any addition should blend into your homes existing architecture seamlessly. Talk with your design build firm about the roof line, facade, shingles, siding, exterior trims, windows and doors that will be used.

4. Set Your Priorities For Design and Amenities

Start by making a list of all of the elements you'd like to have in your dream master. Don't think about cost, dream a little! For example:

• Flooring options – wood, stone carpet

• A heated bathroom floor

• Built -in cabinetry

• Dual sink marble topped vanity

• Standalone tub or tub/shower surrounding

• Universal design features if you're planning on aging in place

• Tile for flooring, backsplashes, and surrounds

• French doors

• Heated mirrors and towel bars

• A large area for seating in the bedroom

• Architectural elements like a coffered ceiling, skylights, and more.

When planning your master suite addition, you're only limited by your creativity and budget. Dream big and really take all of your needs and wants into consideration before you begin. Often, your design build firm may have alternative suggestions that can save you time and money while still giving you features you may have thought were out of reach!

5. Consider Any Special Needs

Believe it or not, the height of the homeowner plays a big part in planning, especially when it comes to the shower and tub. You should also consider and current or future needs if you're planning on aging in place. Universal design is a growing trend that is increasingly practiced in the industry. It's especially applicable when planning a master suite addition for both safety and accessibility now and into the future. A large curbless shower will make life easier and is a luxurious option.

Adding a master bedroom addition can increase the enjoyment of your home. With a little planning and some thought, working with your design build firm, you can create the perfect space that will serve all of your needs now and for many years into the future.

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