Remodeling with Silver And Gold - Mixing Metals in Your Kitchen Design

When Remodeling Your Kitchen, Mixing Metals Will Make Your Design Trend Setting

Today, one of the hottest trends in interior design is mixing metals in the kitchen. Borrowed from the fashion industry, mixing metals can bring a new visual focal point and vibrancy to any kitchen design from a traditional or transitional style to modern of industrial.

With so many potential metal surfaces to work with in the typical kitchen design (think lighting, appliances, back splash, hardware, fixtures and more) you have an almost infinite combination of elements that can be enhanced using a mixed metal approach.

In the past, the emphasis was on “matching” colors, finishes and textures, for example, using stainless steel appliances, stainless or chrome faucet and pulls and maybe a stainless steel sink. Today, it’s no longer against the rules to mix it up and combine metal shades, tones, textures, colors and materials in a unique way within your design.

Some Thoughts on Mixing Metals in Your Kitchen

This trend is so new that it’s still evolving, but there are several concepts that can help you to mix metals successfully in your space. First, it’s important to create a layered look that is aesthetically appealing and visually interesting. Here are a few tips to help get your creativity flowing!

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment with Mixing Metals

Trust your instincts! Mixing metals is all about expressing your style and creating your unique design aesthetic. Go with what excites you. Maybe it’s a warm copper range hood or a copper farmers sink with an ultra modern stainless steel faucet. Whatever you find visually appealing can work.

Ultimately choosing faucets, fixtures, hardware, and lighting using metals that attract your eye will create a look that showcases your style.

Mixing Warm and Cool Tone Metals

“Compelling opposition” is a term used when talking about mixing metals. Think differently about complementary tones, textures, and materials when mixing metals in the kitchen. While there are no rules or ratios, you can maximize visual impact by mixing warm metals like copper or gold with cooler metals like polished chrome or stainless steel.

When you begin to incorporate metals into your kitchen design start simple with faucet finishes, lighting, and cabinet hardware. You can also introduce attractive metallic décor like open metal shelving, wine racks, and another décor to complete your design.

Think simple and minimalist. Start by selecting two warm tones and two cooler tones. This can create a design aesthetic that brings a compelling conflict to life without appearing too heavy and overwhelming the space.

Achieve Balance When Mixing Metals

Use design best practices when working with metals. A general rule of design is that to be effective you must achieve balance in any design. For example, you wouldn’t put all of your living room furniture on one side of the room. The same concept applies when mixing metals.

Spread elements throughout your design and the room. Blending warm tone and cool ones can create a sense of flow, anchor the room visually and make the entire kitchen feel cohesive!

Working With A Professional Designer Gets Better Results

When creating your kitchen design, consider all of the elements that metal can play a part in, like lighting, metallic tile, stainless steel appliances, range hoods, a tin ceiling, and decorative hardware to name just a few.

A beautiful mixed metal kitchen can fit any style from a French country kitchen to a sleek industrial space with a hand-hammered copper sink and stainless steel counter tops. You can include elements like beautiful copper sconces combined with oil-rubbed bronze pulls or stainless steel appliances with a copper range hood and a polished nickel pot-filler over the stove. Your only limits are your budget and your creativity!

If you’re unsure of how to proceed or are feeling a little unsure about mixing metals, begin by doing some research or contact a designer at Forward Design Build Remodel. Check the latest kitchen design magazines, visit online sites like Houzz or HGTV and get inspired! If you’re working with a designer or design build firm they can help you to create your vision and explain all of the options!

Here at Forward Design Build Remodel, we’re seeing more requests for cutting edge design like mixed metals in the kitchen. We always stay up to date on the latest design trends and our designers are always here to help! Make an appointment to visit with us and let’s discuss your upcoming kitchen-remodeling project.

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