Can Folding Wall Systems like NanaWall Be Used in Cold Climates

NanaWall folding and sliding glass wall system for homes

Is a large glass wall system like NanaWall a problem in cold Ann Arbor winters?

If you've ever watched home shows on HGTV television programs like Island Living, or Beach Front Bargain Hunt, you've seen fabulous homes that feature dramatic walls of glass overlooking beautiful tropical ocean views. The pioneer of those "operable" folding glass wall systems is a company named NanaWall. For many pragmatists, the idea of a large glass wall in a cold weather environment, like Ann Arbor, is a waste of energy dollars.  But for many homeowners, solar gain and the quality of life that comes with large-scale unobstructed views more than makeup for the minor loss in R-value when using the triple glazed NanaWall system.

Folding glass doors and sliding glass walls are a great way to open an interior space to an outdoor living area to create flow between a living room and a deck for example. A folding system allows the panels to neatly fold open to offer a wide open, airy unobstructed view. It's a common misconception that walls of glass are only useful in warmer locations. While this may have been true in the past, today's technology has made this beautiful feature available to homes in any climate, even Ann Arbor, Michigan in winter!

The Beauty and the Benefits of NanaWall and Similar Folding Wall Systems

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, nothing can offer the beauty of a wall of glass. The offer an unobstructed view of your outdoor living space and beyond. Folding wall systems are the perfect way to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor living space.

As opposed to French patio doors or traditional sliding doors, folding glass wall systems like NanaWall can span an entire room or even the entire side of your home. They can create a truly “open feel” and allow for unlimited exit and entry between your indoor and outdoor space.

While not all glass wall systems are made for cold environments, the versatile system designed and built by NanaWall is winter weather compliant. They have created a system that offers an unequaled thermal break design to keep the cold air outside (even right up against the glass and frame) while maintaining the comfort of your home during cold winter days. NanaWall has systems up to 39 feet wide while providing the maximum efficiency, keeping your energy costs down.

If you live in a colder climate like Ann Arbor, energy efficiency is key. Newer technologies like the NanaWall systems offer economy and energy efficiency.

Clearing up Common NanaWall Folding Glass Wall Misconceptions

Many homeowners in colder climates who would love to add a wall of glass to their home are either uninformed or misinformed as for the possibilities. In fact, the most common misconception is that you have to live in a warmer climate or have a stunning view to enjoy a glass folding wall system. Today's technology has made it possible to install a system into any home, in any climate!

Another common misconception is that opening the wall will let in mosquitos and bugs, common a concern throughout the country. The fact is, many of these systems offer screen solutions that can let the fresh air in, while keeping pests out. NanaWall offers two options including the NanaScreen Classic, and non-pleated NanaScreen One both designed to offer a clear, unobstructed view while keeping pests where they belong... outside!

Finally, one of the biggest misconceptions is that you need a modern, open concept home to enjoy the benefits of a folding or sliding glass wall system. Nothing could be further from the truth. NanaWall systems are available that fit into traditional homes, and small spaces. If you have as little as six to nine feet of wall space, you can enjoy the benefits of a glass wall system. Sliding and folding glass door systems are not limited to modern homes. Today, styles are available that can fit into any décor from modern homes to cottages, Greek revival to barns and ranches.

Sliding and folding glass door systems are an excellent way to update your home. They can help create flow between your indoor living and outdoor space, open your home to the cooling breeze, and frame a fantastic view. Today's technology has made it possible to add this feature to your home wherever you live, even Ann Arbor, MI in winter!. Panoramic glass walls are available to meet any style and size to fit perfectly in your home. If you'd like to know more about sliding or folding glass systems, give us a call! At Forward Design Build we can help you transform your house into your dream home!

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