Client Remodeling Goals

The clients hadn’t made any changes to the house since moving in during the early 90’s - and it was time for a major update! Structurally, they wanted to open up the kitchen into the living space while creating a defined eating area without losing any of the living space square footage. Aesthetically they wanted to update all of the interior finishes throughout the first floor including: all new flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting, trim, paint, and fireplace facade.

Our Design Solutions

To open the kitchen to the living space - we had to work with a structural wall, that was also filled with mechanical components. We created a architectural ‘bridge’ between the kitchen and living space that would become a defined dining area. With the widened walls that enclosed the space, not only did it help create visual interest, but created a space to house the relocated HVAC components. We incorporated the structural beam by wrapping in a rich cherry wood that we carried throughout the first floor.

By relocating and adding windows, rearranging the kitchen layout and creating a window seat we were able to dramatically impact the feel and flow of the space. All of the interior finishes were updated and integrated throughout the first floor to help create a rich, fresh and warm space.