What You Need to Know About Home Remodeling with a Pet

Keep Your Pets Happy and Safe During Your Next Home Remodeling Project

Your home is your pet's home too!

Many of our clients are devoted to a furry friend or two; that's one of the things we love about them.  But that means taking into account that a home remodel will affect you, your family, and your pet. We understand the stress that a home remodeling project can create and we not only take care while working in a home with a pet, but we've also developed ways to keep them happy and safe during what can often be a stressful time.

Pets are used to a routine; they eat in the same place, and you come home at the same time.

You'll have workers coming and going all day throughout the remodeling or home building process. There will be strange noises and potentially dangerous fumes. But with a little preparation and planning before your project begins, you can keep your pet safe. Here are some tips for keeping your pet happy and safe during your upcoming home remodeling project:

Take Proactive Precautions

Taking some simple precautions before your project's start date can help to give you and your pet peace of mind.

If you haven't already done so, consider having your pet microchipped in case they accidentally get loose. This is one way to ensure they will be returned to you if they take off. Dogs and cats should also be wearing collars with current and clear identification on them. This is a great proactive way to quell your fears that a pet might sneak out (or freak out).

Get a Healthy Start

It's also a good idea to see your vet for a checkup before your project begins. If your pet has an illness, the stress may cause symptoms to develop. If your pet is showing behavioral changes like aggression, accidents in the house, lethargy, coughing or not eating that they did not display before the renovation, take them to the vet right away.

Introduce Changes Early

It's a good idea to introduce changes to your pet a few weeks before construction begins. Determine where they will be during your project and set up their toys, bedding, and bowls there. Cats are best kept in a bedroom or other room behind a closed door. Depending on the temperament of your dog, they can be kept behind a baby gate so they can see the activity, or kept in a back bedroom. 

If you're keeping them in a separate room, consider playing soothing music or turning on the TV to help reduce foreign noises during construction. Check on them often, and maintain their feeding and walking schedule to give them a sense of their normal routine.

Another consideration is taking them to doggy daycare during construction. They'll be away from the noise and disruption and spend the day playing. You'll bring them home tired and happy... and none the wiser! The main take away is that pets love routines, but things are going to be anything but normal during a construction project. Begin introducing changes a few weeks before, and they'll adjust more easily.

A Couple of Additional Considerations

If you let your dog run in the yard, make sure gates are locked before allowing your pet outside. Workers will be coming and going throughout the day and gates may be left unlatched or unlocked. If you have an electric fence, be aware that electricity is often turned off and on periodically during a project. Make sure to test it before letting your dog out.

While your contractor will clean up the job site at the end of each day, it's a good idea to check for nails, staples, or debris. It's always a good idea to double check before letting your pet into an area that is under construction. It's a better practice to keep them out of the work area whenever possible.

You know your pet better than anyone, so do what's best for them and your family. Taking a few simple steps and making a few small changes can help your furry friends live through your home remodeling project safely and happily! 

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