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Must Love Dogs

Love animals?  So do we!  If you’re like us, you think of your pet as part of the family, so why not show them?  We’ve found some simple ways to move beyond the monogrammed food bowl and create the pet friendly spaces in your home that will pamper your four-legged friend and make taking care of them easier.

Time To Eat

Having a built-in eating area for your pet benefits the both of you!  Not only does it benefit your pet, but you as well by keeping your home stylish and clean.  A recessed shelf to allow pet food bowls to be raised off the floor makes mealtime easier, especially for older pets.  Hiding the food bags is also a must.  Neatly keep them out of sight in a cabinet near the eating area, as pictured above.

Sleeping Spaces

Dogs need a designated sleep space.  Many animal experts contend that your pet needs their own space to rest and recoup from the stimulation of being with the family.  Creating a sleep space can be as simple as placing a pet bed or crate in the corner of your bedroom, or as extravagant as creating a built-in room under the stairs or kitchen cabinets.  If you consider pet beds or crates to be an eyesore, consider remodeling a closet into a pet room.  You can install a pet door into the closet door for easy access, or simply remove the door altogether.  The bed can be placed inside, as well as food and water bowls.

Pet Shower

Adding a pet washing station in your garage or mudroom is a convenient way to clean off your best friend before he tracks paw prints all over your floor.  A walk-in shower, half the height of the average shower, will make washing muddy paws quick and simple.  Add a grooming table if you enjoy styling and blow-drying your pampered pooch.

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