Arlington Renovation | Value of Floor Protection

New Floors

We just installed all of the new oak flooring and tie-ins to the existing hardwood floors as well as completed all the sanding. These floors are one step away from being finished. However, finishing the floors are one of the last steps in completing a remodel. This is where floor protection comes in! Now we are able to keep the floors nice and safe while we finish the rest of the house.


To protect the floors, we use a cardboard roll called Builders Board. It’s lightweight and easily cuts to fit the exact shape of the floor, yet sturdy enough to handle excessive wear without tearing. We tape down both sides of the cardboard to ensure that it will not move while being walked on. The purpose of the protection is to, first of all, make everyone aware of the need to be careful, and second, to protect the floor from dirt and denting in case of any dropped material or tools.

Final Steps

Once we have finished the rest of the project, from putting in the cabinets to painting, we are finally ready to finish the floors. The first thing we’ll do is remove the floor protection, then the floor will receive one last sanding, and then the finish coat. This last step really brings the whole room together and brings the project to a close.