Design Matters | Make A Statement

Let It Stand Out

Let your statement furniture stand out in the room by having just one bold piece. If you're trying to let one piece be a statement, keep other things and furnishings smaller or less ornate. Filling an entire room with bold pieces will make the room feel like it is shouting at you and you’ll lose the dramatic effect a statement piece can have.

Mix It Up

Find a piece of furniture that is slightly different from the rest of your house’s style. Juxtapose decor elements with it to allow the piece to really shine. Pair organic with geometric, dark with light, busy with simple. Mixing styles and juxtaposing decor elements will add depth and interest to any space.

Rule Of Three

When incorporating a piece of furniture, don’t worry about having everything match. Instead, when adding color to a room it's good to pick it up in three different accent areas. You don't have to use that much color to make it feel like there is color in the room. When you start using a lot of different colors it can be hard to make it all work without looking too busy.

Play With Pattern

If your statement piece has a pattern on it, don't be afraid to combine it with other patterned accents. With using a pattern, it's usually best to not mix a lot of the same scale pattern. Instead, use a large pattern like a bold stripe with a smaller print. Using different scale patterns helps to create balance and keeps the eye moving around the room.

Focal Point

There are certain pieces that are more secondary in a room, like an end table, mirror, or nightstand. If you’re looking for your statement piece to add a dramatic effect in your space, make sure it's a main part of the room like the sofa, bed, or dining table.

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