Kitchen Floor Recommendations When Remodeling an Ann Arbor Home

Kitchen flooring for a remodel

Learn the pros and cons of kitchen floor materials for durability and style.

While there are no hard and fast rules for choosing the perfect flooring for your Ann Arbor kitchen remodeling, there are some factors to consider. You have a wide range of choices and what's right for you, depends on several factors like your budget, the style of your home, durability, and of course ease of cleaning.

Floors can take a beating during normal day-to-day use, and your kitchen floors are especially susceptible. Winters and mud season in Ann Arbor are not kind to flooring. You also spend a good part of your day in the kitchen preparing meals, doing homework with the kids, entertaining family and friends. Then there are the spills... tomato sauce, grease, coffee, wine and more. So it's really important to find the right flooring material that can take the abuse and still make the style statement you want.

Let's look at some of the best kitchen floor materials that can provide you with years of service while remaining beautiful and functional.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Floor Material for an Ann Arbor Home

Today you have a wide variety of materials from which to choose. Excellent surfaces are available in every color, style, and price range that can meet both your aesthetic needs and your budget. Let's look at the pros and cons of several of the most popular flooring materials used in the Ann Arbor area

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular choices and can fit into just about any style and budget. You have a wide variety of choices for color, size, shape, and pattern. Ceramic tile can create any look from traditional and old world, to sleek and contemporary. It's extremely durable and can stand up to just about anything from spills to muddy feet plus; it's easy to clean. There are a variety of attractive low-cost options available.

Tile does have some drawbacks, for example, it can crack as floors settle. It can also be cold and hard underfoot, something to consider during those cold Ann Arbor winters. Moisture can make tile slippery so a honed or textured surface can provide better grip. Tile works well with radiant heating so consider adding this element for increased comfort.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is elegant and unique; no two pieces have the same color or pattern so you can create a visual depth that cannot be replicated. Classic natural stone can make your home feel more upscale. Like tile and concrete, stone can be cool underfoot, but tile made from stone like granite is durable and requires little maintenance.

On the downside, stone can be expensive and tiny imperfections can trap dirt. Softer stone like travertine or limestone can chip or crack. Porous stone like granite or marble will need periodic sealing.

Solid Wood

It's hard to match the warmth and beauty of solid wood flooring. Wood can last almost forever if properly treated, even in rooms with a lot of moisture and heavy foot traffic. It's a classic look and develops a beautiful patina over time. Whether you choose thin strips of maple, or wide pine planks wood offers a look to fit into any kitchen, and it never goes out of style!

You will need to stay on top of spills; they can cause damage if not wiped up right away. Wood also dents and can scratch so it may require periodic refinishing.


Sustainable and natural, cork is a hot new trend in flooring. It offers a distinctive look that features strong patterns and texture. Homeowners love its warm look and eco-friendliness. Cork is resilient, flexible and extremely comfortable underfoot. It can absorb the shock of dropped items (less breakage) and absorbs sound. It's also rich in suberin a natural substance that can help prevent mold, mildew, rot and pests.

While cork holds up well, it does need periodic care. Dirt and grit can “scar” it, so you will need to sweep and vacuum regularly. It will also need periodic resealing with polyurethane or wax. Small dings will heal on their own, but larger scars are hard to fix.


Bamboo flooring is another eco-friendly, surface that's growing in popularity. It's extremely durable and affordable and offers a subtle, variegated look. It's a low maintenance surface, requires no special care and is springier underfoot that wood. It offers a worldly style without the expense of tropical or exotic hardwood.

The downside is that the color choices aren't as broad as wood and it isn't as moisture resistant as many other materials. High humidity can cause warping.


No longer relegated to the basement, concrete has come a long way. It's a natural choice for contemporary or modern spaces and can be customized by staining, stamping, and acid washed to create a visual flair that is both unique and beautiful. Concrete stays cool in the hottest weather and is virtually indestructible.

Concrete can be expensive and difficult to work on. Like tile and stone, it's also unforgiving on the feet. It's a porous surface, so sealing is a must.

Let Forward Design Build Help You Choose The Perfect Kitchen Floor!

These are the most common kitchen floor materials being used in Ann Arbor kitchens. At Forward Design Build we keep current on all the latest flooring options and can help you to make the perfect choice for your kitchen remodel no matter what the budget. If you're planning a kitchen remodel give the experts at Forward Design Build a call! We're always ready to help Ann Arbor homeowners design their dream kitchen, right down to choosing the perfect kitchen floor!

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