How To Choose Under Cabinet Lighting For a Kitchen Remodel

Under cabinet lighting kitchen remodeling advice

When you're undertaking a kitchen remodeling, under cabinet lighting is an important feature to consider. As a general rule, you'll want to incorporate three different types of lighting to really make your kitchen come alive. Lighting has the ability to direct focus, lights our space so we can work safely, and create an ambiance that can relax us as we sit down to enjoy a meal.

Under cabinet lighting can offer you many benefits as well as add value to your home. Let's look at your options, what kinds of under cabinet lighting is available and the benefits of installing them in your kitchen.

What Exactly is Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is exactly like it sounds, it's lighting that runs underneath your cabinets. If you have under cabinet lighting installed, you never need to worry about locking the pendant or task lights when you're doing prep work on the perimeter counter tops.

Under cabinet light provides both form and function. It not only adds to your efficiency when working, it can also offer an aesthetic ambiance that can add depth to your kitchen space. It's a useful and beautiful addition to any kitchen and you have many options to choose from.

Varieties of Under Cabinet Lighting

When you're shopping for your lighting make sure to do your homework. There are several different varieties available. You have choices to make including electrical choices, formats and types of light available. This means you can have some fun, express yourself creatively and customize your kitchen to fit your specific needs. Let's look at some of your options:

• Electrical Choices - Basically you have three choices. If you're doing a complete remodeling you can have your under cabinet lights hard wired to a switch or dimmer on the wall. Which this option offers the most flexibility, it can also be the most expensive option if you need to run wires. Plugin under cabinets are also available. They are hung then plugged into an existing outlet and you simply switch on the individual light bars or pucks (more on that in a second!) Battery operated lights are also available but need to be turned on individually and the batteries will need replacement.

• Formats – This is an important decision. You need to think about which format is best for you. The two most common are bar lights or puck lights. Light bars are rectangular and shine over a larger area. Puck lighting is small, round, and concentrate light into a smaller area, think little spot lights!

• Types of light source – Today, you have a number of light sources to choose from. These include LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs. Each has its own benefits and you need to decide which is best for your kitchen.

Choose what works best for your kitchen, décor and budget. If you're still not sure, just ask your Forward design build team. They can help you to make a perfect choice!

Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting

Investing in under cabinet lighting is a smart decision. The benefits go far beyond aesthetics and functionality. In fact:

• It can lower your energy bill, especially if your choose LED lighting. Under cabinet lighting means you can avoid using your overhead lighting when you cook which uses more energy .

• It's easy to install and quick to configure. It doesn't matter if you're lighting an existing kitchen. Just purchase a light bar, screw it into the cabinet and plug it in!

• Less shadows on your work surface because you're not standing between your light source and the counter top.

• Add your own touch of style with layering your lights. This can also add a modern style to your kitchen and increase your home's value.

• Enhance your space. Under cabinet lighting can really make your room shine!

Under cabinet lighting is a great investment that can beautify your space, add functionality to your kitchen and even increase the appeal and value of your home. If you'd like to learn more, give the team a Forward Designs Build a call! We're always ready to help you create your dream kitchen!

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