Master Bath Design - Using Quartz Slabs For Shower Walls

Image Courtesy of Silestone

Image Courtesy of Silestone

Consider Quartz Shower Walls In Your Master Bath Design

If you're looking for a unique design element for your master bathroom renovation, there is an exciting new trend taking shape that can fit the bill. Interior designers are adapting “non-traditional” materials and re-purposing them for new uses. In master bath design this trend has brought stunning solid-surface materials into the bathroom in unique ways.

Designers are replacing traditional tile with stunning quartz slabs for use as a surround material for your shower and bath. Quartz is stain and scratch resistant and impervious to water making it perfect for wet areas while providing a unique, clean, modern look.

In fact, man-made engineered products like quartz are the perfect material for this alternative use. It offers flexibility in design and can be laser etched, routed, carved and sandblasted to create an interesting and unique look especially when used as shower walls.

Manufacturers like Cambria have taken note and have begun creating slabs that are much thinner and lend themselves to this application. Cambria is now offering quartz slabs in 30-inches by 72 or 90 inches that are 1 centimeter thick making them perfect for these non-traditional uses.

Reinventing Master Bath Design

Today the trend is towards creating a spa-like retreat in the master suite. Engineered quartz is the perfect design element and it's being used by forward-thinking designers to reinvent the traditional design aesthetic. Using large, custom-made panels installed vertically or horizontally, or even used as flooring eliminates the use of grout. This means that you'll have a low-maintenance, easy to clean surface and creates an unparalleled visual continuity throughout the space.

The varied, unique designs offered by engineered quartz can create a sleek look. Feature walls, tub surrounds, shower walls and floors created using this material can protect and enhance a master bath. Because it's impervious to water, and extremely durable a solid surface forms a barrier against moisture and protects against daily wear and tear. It's a material that is both beautiful and highly functional giving designers the ability to create a stunning focal point, while offering homeowners a low-maintenance environment.

The Perfect Solution For A Unique Master Bath Design

Engineered quartz is primarily made of natural stone and resin. It's environmentally friendly and often made using high levels of recycled materials. Some manufacturers include resin binding that is created using rapidly renewable materials. It's impervious to moisture, staining, bacteria and mildew and never requires sealing like granite or marble.

Practically Endless Design Possibilities

Manufacturers like Cambria, Silestone, Caesarstone, and Zodiac are driving this new trend and creating materials specifically designed for non-traditional use. Sheets come in ¼ and ½-inch thicknesses that are easier to apply in vertical installations. Cambria is manufacturing 1-centimeter slabs, available in 20 colors from their Desert and Quarry collections.

Interior designers are adopting this flexible material for a number of innovative uses from storage recesses, to inset shelving, lining window sills, and more. Quartz is extremely versatile and available in a wide variety of bold bright colors, prints and patterns from serene neutrals to slabs that mimic natural stone and travertine. As a result, quartz if finding a home throughout the master bathroom adding design versatility to a typically traditional space.

Easy Care, Low Maintenance

The master bathroom is a high traffic area and one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. With quartz paneled walls you'll never need to scrub grout lines again. Because it's non-porous, it's impervious to moisture and the chemicals found in common household cleaners and beauty products. Quartz is highly resistant to scratching, damage from high impacts, staining, bacteria, and mildew. It provides you with a worry-free, low maintenance environment.

Simply wipe down your shower walls with soap and a damp cloth or a non-scratch sponge and a Quartz-compatible cleaner for a clean and sparkling bathroom. Quartz can provide you with a lifetime of style, functionality and practically no maintenance!

At Forward Design Build, our design team can help you to create a stunning spa-like master bathroom with this incredibly flexible, versatile material. If you're considering a new master bathroom design, let us show you all of the benefits and beauty that quartz panels can offer.

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