Home Design Trends For Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Kitchen and Bath Home Design Trends

As design-build professionals, we stay on top of the latest trends in home remodeling. Our designers attend conferences, we go to trade shows... and to stay current for our discerning clients, we're constantly educating ourselves to the latest in home design trends and technology.

At this year's Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Orlando, manufacturers debuted exciting new products and technology. The conference also featured discussions about the latest home design trends in kitchen and bath remodeling.

Here are some of the top trends to emerge in the past year, and a few to watch for in the coming year.

Home Design Trends for Kitchens

There are some inspiring kitchen design trends that are expected to grow in the coming years and new materials that are becoming popular. Here are four worth considering if you're planning a kitchen remodeling project:

1. Hidden Range Hoods

A “statement” hood can make a perfect focal point in your kitchen design. But if you have a smaller space, the last thing you need is another bulky appliance. In smaller kitchens - as well as in kitchens featuring modern or industrial elements - there's a growing trend to hide the range hood. One technique that's become popular is to hide the range vent in an elegant cabinet. The hidden range hood allows the backsplash to shine as a focal point, giving your kitchen a streamlined and elegant look.

2. Antibacterial Materials

Food-borne pathogens are always a concern in the kitchen. We keep our countertops and cutting boards clean, but imaging a countertop that can take care of bacteria like salmonella for you after you've made that delicious chicken dinner.

Well, the technology is here, and it was introduced in a number of different materials at the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom furnishings in Italy last September. The new technology is called K-Life, and it's incorporated into Porcelanosa's Krion solid surface. Not only are these surfaces antibacterial, but they can also eliminate chemicals that come into contact and purify the surrounding air. It does this through a process called photocatalysis, which incorporates a semiconductor into the surface to enhance a reaction to light, killng bacteria and breaking up pollutants.

3. Fewer Upper Cabinets

A significant home design trend that's been gaining in popularity in the past couple of years is the trend towards minimizing cabinetry in the kitchen. Homeowners are opting for more modern designs with sleek lines and an open feel. Whether it's creating open shelving or completely removing the upper cabinets and reconfiguring storage, this trend is here to stay.

Manufacturers are coming up with innovative storage solutions and accessories to capitalize on this trend. For example, drawers designed for glassware, china, and vertical silverware storage are all popular choices.

4. Dedicated Pet-Friendly Spaces

Pets are a part of the family too, and the kitchen can be a dangerous place! We all know that it's important to baby-proof the kitchen if you have little ones, but we don't often consider our pets. This year, we're starting to see some innovative ideas for pet-friendly spaces in the kitchen. Dedicated feeding stations can be hidden in a special drawer in the island, or at the end of a cabinet run. Add food storage, space for toys and any other pet-related items for even more functionality. Some homeowners even include a built-in doggie bed under the island or a countertop.

See this custom home we did for some more inspiration: Eco & Dog-Friendly Living


Home Design Trends for the Bath

The bathroom was a big focus at this year's KBIS show. From the growing trend towards open showers to spa-like features to the latest hi-tech fixtures, the coming year will see some major trends in the bathroom. Here are three bathroom design trends to watch in 2018 and beyond!

Monochromatic Design

Another favorite among homeowners and designers is monochromatic design. It emphasizes a single color palate per room, for examples light and darker gray tones. It's a versatile style that's at home in industrial and mid-century designs with bright, bold colors, and equally in traditional or transitional designs with softer neutral tones.

When incorporating a monochromatic approach make sure to consider lighting. Improper lighting can change the color effect. Consider diffused LED lighting which offers the perfect light temperature and spectrum for emphasizing tones in a monochromatic design.

Oversized and Patterned Tile

Subway tile is so 2017! The new trend gaining traction in 2018 is toward larger formats, unique patterns, and exciting, bold colors. It can let you imitate the look of luxurious marble but at a budget price. Homeowners are also incorporating texture like metallic tiles being used in mixed metals designs to complement fixtures. Patterns are taking center stage. Designers are making interesting, bold choices to create interesting visual focal points in both bathrooms and kitchens.

Hi-Tech Toilets

Hi-tech toilets have been popular in Japan for years. They're finally making the jump as more homeowners and manufacturers like Kohler and American Standard are embracing the technology. This year we'll see features like self-cleaning toilets with built-in seat warmers, automatic lid openers, an adjustable air dryer, built-in deodorizers and more.

But it's not just the toilet, there are innovations coming throughout the bath in 2018. Features like smart showers that automatically knows your preferred temperature and cues up your favorite music. Or add a small fridge to the bathroom vanity to keep medicine and drinks cold. There are even touch sensitive automatic faucets that turn on with a wave of your hand, then shut down when your done washing.

Our designers have begun incorporating these cutting-edge features into our client's homes. We'd love to do the same for you! If you're planning a kitchen or bathroom remodeling in the coming year, give us a call. At Forward Design, our team is ready to help you create a stunning dream kitchen or spa-like bathroom in 2018