Best Practices | The Use of Tablets in the Field

Tablets, especially iPads, have become an essential tool for us in the field. They are a great addition to our toolbox because the technology is small enough to easily carry yet large enough to display important information and show detailed pictures. They give us access to all of the information our team members need while in the field and have also greatly improved communication among others on our teams, including designers and the specialty trades.

Tablets allow us to access Smartsheet® – an online project management tool. This is where we keep all of the notes for our design/build projects, including client meeting notes and the project schedule.

If something changes on the project while in the field, our builders are able to update the schedule instantaneously, and because Smartsheet® is online, any changes made will automatically relay the new information to everyone involved in the project.

Tablets Have Revolutionized Project Flow

Just by integrating this one simple device into our operations, we’ve seen many benefits:

  • Less Time Wasted with Instant Updates. Using a tablet in the field has greatly improved the build-phase of our projects. If something changes on the schedule while in the field, while other contractors may have to go back to the office to type up documents from their handwritten notes, our team is able to update the information “on the fly.”
  • Visual Communications. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is particularly relevant on the job site. We can use the tablet to take photos and write notes on them to clarify design or construction aspects.
  • Enhanced Peace-of-Mind for Clients. For you, the client, use of a tablet with Smartsheet® should give you the peace-of-mind that you are working with a professional builder.
    • The decisions you made are in one spot.
    • All the notes we’ve made, as your chosen contractor, are in that same spot – including any sketches, pictures you’ve provided, inspections needed/completed, notes reflecting conversations with vendors regarding deliveries, etc.

This will ensure that your project remains on schedule and allows us to deliver your project exactly how envisioned it.

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