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Creating Atmosphere

There’s no single object that will set the decorative tone of a room quite like a beautiful light fixture.  Use it well and it’ll show off your space to its best advantage.  Use poor lighting, or none at all, and even the most dynamic rooms will be lost in the dark.  A fixture does more than just to provide light, it also creates atmosphere.  Having good lighting is key to a good home design.

Perfect Placement

When it comes to lighting placement, it’s all relative.  Large fixtures should be hung higher, while smaller light fixtures can be hung lower. Most lights are placed in the center of the room, so consider having your statement lighting off-center to create a more dramatic effect. Light up those dark corners!

Sheer Glass 

A glass pendant is a timeless choice and one that will not block views into other spaces.  Glass pendants are available in several shapes from angular to curved, however, the light bulb is usually exposed, so consider attractive glass bulbs like the Edison.  A dining table or kitchen island are great places to use glass pendants.

Polished Metal

Polished nickel and chrome add an attractive silver tone and shiny finish to your space.  Layer them in a duet or trio to reflect light and add glamour.  Copper has made a comeback in the past year, while a timeless choice it's recently become a trendy one too.  Like brass, copper brings warmth to a kitchen and a welcome contrast to stainless steel appliances.

Finishing A Room

Finishing touches are one of the most important parts of the room, and interior designers everywhere know that lighting is a great way to instantly turn a space into a masterpiece.  From modern and sleek to traditional and dramatic, unique ceiling lighting features are not only functional, but also stylish and serve as the uniting factor of a room.

Pendant by Constance Guisset

By Pembrooke & Ives

Pendant by CTO Lighting

Designed and built by Forward Design Build