Design Matters | Feature Walls

Adding a focal point to a room with an accent wall can be a great way to liven up your space. Whether you choose a standout paint color, select a patterned wallpaper, update a fireplace surround, or incorporate pieces of art into the mix, featured walls can be easy solutions to transform your space and showcase your personal style.

Tip: Consider playing with materials, textures, and colors to add dimension to your room.

Wall with Fireplace: Reclaim a space with an updated mantel and painted brick fireplace. Above is one of our projects where we did just that.


Marble Kitchen Wall by Thayray Interior Design Harmony

Draw attention to the kitchen by skipping the backsplash and putting marble on the entire wall instead. Easy to clean and definitely a showstopper! 

Living Green Wall by Philip Silver of BIGELOW + SILVER

Have your bathroom become the highlight of your house with this stunning living wall. Covered with lavender, mint, and ferns, this fragrant wall makes for the perfect place to relax and unwind.