10 Specialty Kitchen Cabinets and Accessories For Home Remodeling

Specialty Kitchen Cabinets and Accessories That Make Life Easier

Your dream kitchen should be a balance of both form and function. Aesthetically it should feature fine materials including elegant flooring, sleek stone countertops, and beautiful solid wood kitchen cabinets. A well-designed kitchen will also be highly functional with a comfortable layout that features plenty of counter space, a kitchen triangle and lots of storage. It's this balance that makes a kitchen the heart of the home.

Today, manufacturers are creating specialty cabinets and accessories that can enhance both of these areas of the kitchen. With beautiful kitchen cabinets that add style, functionality and organizational improvements, you can customize your space to fit your needs, whether you're a gourmet chef, you love to entertain family and friends, or you have every kitchen gadget known to man!

Here are ten specialty kitchen cabinets and accessories that can make your life easier and more organized!

1. Trash Can/Recycling Center Kitchen Cabinets

Today, we're all recycling, and more municipalities are making it a requirement. Having an open bin sitting in the kitchen looks terrible, and bringing each bottle and can outside to a bin is inconvenient. This cabinet houses two bins to keep trash and recycling out of sight but close at hand!

2. Angled Base and Wall Kitchen Cabinets

These cabinets allow you to make a transition between 24” and 12” cabinets easier. They're also great for rounding out a corner or finishing an upper smoothly. They can improve flow, and give you extra cabinet space where traditional kitchen cabinets may not work in your design.

3. Cutlery Drawers

Having the tools you need at hand when you're preparing a meal is a must. These special cutlery drawers can help you keep your tools organized and close at hand. Many feature 2-tiers so you can keep your large utensils, plastic bags and wraps handy while having a second tier for organizing your chef's knives.

4. 3” and 6” Pull Outs

Another great use of space, these “filler cabinets” can be placed near the stove for easy access. They're the perfect way to organize your spices, oils, sauces, and marinades for quick and easy access when cooking. When closed they're undetectable and blend into the existing cabinetry seamlessly.

5. End Cabinet Shelves

Base or wall end cabinet shelves are an excellent way to personalize your kitchen. Use them to store your favorite cookbooks, kitchen treasures, or small appliances to keep them out of the way.

6. Tilt-Out Cabinet Fronts

Use a tilt out tray cabinet front at the sink. They're the perfect place to store sponges and scouring pads keeping them close at hand, yet entirely out of sight! They're available in 11, 14 and 24-inch sizes to fit any sink front.

7. Stemware Rack/Wine Rack

Adding a wine center to your kitchen can keep you organized. The wine rack contains plenty of space to store your favorite bottles and an under the cabinet stemware rack can showcase your glassware, and keep it handy when entertaining, or just enjoying a glass of wine after work.

8. Appliance Garage

Appliance garages are a great way to keep bulky appliances you use off the counter and out of sight. They're available as corner units or straight front units allowing you to maximize your counter space. Nothing is more unsightly than a beautiful kitchen countertop with every available space being taken up by appliances.

An appliance garage allows you to keep appliances close at hand, but hidden from sight leaving your kitchen looking sleek and clean. Most can include wiring to allow you access to appliances that are ready to use, just by opening the door!

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9. Roll Out Cabinet Drawers

Roll-outs can keep your pots and pans accessible and easy to access. Combine them with a pot lid organizing rack to make them even more functional! They can be designed to fit appliances, pantry items and more.

10. Lazy Susan

Make use of those awkward corner cabinets with a Lazy Susan insert. No more reaching around, or removing things to get to the one you need in the back of the cabinet. With a Lazy Susan, merely spin it for instant access, and it will keep your corner cabinet functional and organized!

Creating your dream kitchen means using all of the functionality available to you. Adding these accessories and specialty kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen a more functional efficient workspace.

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