The siding is going up and it looks amazing! Stained cedar shingles will also be used on the front of the house to accentuate the Craftsman style of this home. 

The drywall was delivered right into the house. With the drywall up, it's much easier to envision the finished space. Now that the drywall is finished, things will start moving quickly - the floor can start going in as well as the tile. The cabinets will be installed next!

The mechanicals!  One of the most important aspects to a remodel.  The first picture says it ALL!  This is Tim getting ready for his the pre-mechanical meeting.  Tim literally staples item cards all over the home, according to our electrical plan, for us to then re-confirm placements with our clients.  Always better to make adjustments before installation rather than after.   We also have a curious neighbor and found a wonderful artifact!  

The framing is under way and the house is starting to take shape.

The foundation for the garage going in.  The door opening to the basement will still be in use, but with a new interior stairway access point.

Demo is underway - it's always amazing what we find behind the walls!  Our clients loved this brick so much - we are keeping it!

Ryan and Jon helping move furniture into the pod before interior demolition begins.


The Remodeling Plans

Client Remodeling Goals

Our clients wanted to extend the small, cramped kitchen into the living area to create an open concept floor plan to improve the overall flow, and create a large space for entertaining. They wanted to have a fresh, modern space that would be more reflective of their personalities. They also wanted to create a more defined mudroom & laundry room area at the back entry maintaining a full bathroom.

Our Design Solutions

By eliminating the majority of a structural  wall between the kitchen and living room, we were able to elongate the kitchen, and create a centralized island that would be open to the living room & relocated dining space. By adding and enlarging windows, the space is now filled with natural light that highlights a mix of materials including a custom walnut wrapped pantry corner, and a reclaimed walnut island front, framed by a quartz waterfall-edge counter.  

We also added a small addition inside the garage to create a back entry with a mudroom and a full bathroom. All of the first floor interior finishes were updated and integrated tp create the modern home the clients had dreamed of.