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Fall 2018 BRAG Remodelers Home Tour


Please join us at 1442 West Greenfield Ct, Home #3 on the BRAG Remodelers Home Tour! 

Saturday, September 29 11 am - 6 pm • Sunday, September 30 12 noon - 6 pm

Download the 2018 map & project list

Join us for a tour of remodeled homes in Ann Arbor and Plymouth. Tickets for this event are $10 (children free), and are available at any of the homes on the tour. Visit for more information.

HOME #3  |  1442 West Greenfield Ct.  |  Kitchen Remodel with Interior Updates

Project Description: Clients of Forward from over 15 years ago, this family returned for a much-needed kitchen remodel and other interior updates.

The kitchen was outdated, dark, and cramped; the clients desired a more open feeling, a larger island, and a more sophisticated design throughout to better express their style.

The new space better meets their wants and their needs; the new, larger island provides additional workspace and keeps appliances off the countertops, and a more functional cabinet arrangement has replaced the existing pantry and outdated desk space. The kitchen now feels more open and spacious, thanks to lighter-toned cabinetry and a new focal point: a well-placed window above the cooktop. More traditional design elements have been given a twist with the selection of travertine tiles, granite countertops, an updated powder room, laundry room and fireplace to match!