The design build process has several benefits versus hiring a separate design or architectural firm and construction firm for your project. Forward’s design build services provide a one-stop solution for homeowners looking to remodel, add an addition, or build a new home. We are experts who can accomplish all phases of your project faster and more efficiently. Our professional design and construction experts work together under one roof, creating a seamless process that saves you time and money, and enhances your involvement for a greater sense of pride in your home. With one company managing the entire process from start to finish, the overall remodeling experience runs more smoothly, gets done faster and saves you money.

The Results of Our Design Build Process

Better Cost Control

  • Our designers are acutely aware of building costs since they are directly involved with the construction of all their remodeling projects.
  • Our design build process allows our estimator to develop the estimate as the design progresses. This allows scope decisions to be made based on tangible information. 

Faster Transition From Design to Construction

  • Once plans are complete, we are ready to build.
  • Alternatively, when you hire an independent designer or architect, this stage can take quite a while as: contractors are interviewed, bids and subcontractor bids are secured, estimates roll in, and plans are modified or even re-designed to fit the budget.
  • The advantage of in-house design is that we transition your project smoothly from design to construction without a hitch.

Better Design and Communication

  • With the designer and builder sharing an office, they are in constant communication from the very beginning. Design ideas are quickly vetted and expanded on with our team input.
  • The production manager is closely involved with design creation to ensure the design is “build-able”.
  • The designer is closely involved with your project with our 5 Key Meetings approach to ensure all design details are properly executed. 

Greater Accountability

  • If design and construction are managed by separate companies, finger pointing can occur when things go wrong. This often results in the homeowner picking up the tab for increased construction costs due to errors or omissions made by the designer, architect, or contractor.
  • Since both the design and construction of your project are handled by one company, there is greater accountability for all aspects of the project.
  • The buck stops with us! As the designer and the builder of the project, the responsibility to fix any goofs lies with us, eliminating finger-pointing.

Media Room Basement Renovation

Forward is a pleasure to work with. We have used them for two large home renovations in the past few years. A completely redone basement and a new master suite. Both projects were a success and we are very pleased with our improvements. Jef and his team are enjoyable to work with and always professional on the job. They work hard to accommodate the homeowner’s schedules, deadlines and specific needs. (We brought a new baby home during our bedroom remodel!) I was especially happy with the amount of interaction the design team allowed us to have in the process. I always felt like we were able to add us much of our own personal contributions to the design decisions as desired and the Forward team would happily take it from there.

We did some very cool new stuff together, like custom LED lighting effects, lots of electronic media built-ins and even custom furniture. I found Forward eager to meet all of our goals whether the project called for things they have done a million times before or for the first time.

Jef and his team at Forward also earn high marks for one of the most difficult skills, listening and improvement. In any large project, there is bound to be opportunity for improvement. They care deeply about what they could have done better as much as what went well. I have personally seen them excel, listen, learn and improve across the time we have worked together.
— Guy and Robin