Client Remodeling Goals

Our clients had been looking a home in the Eberwhite neighborhood of Ann Arbor for years! When this house became available, they jumped at the chance to own it; at the same time, they understood that it would take work to make this a livable home.  Our primary goal for this project was to turn this small house into a more comfortable home that serves the family for years to come.


Exterior Design Rendering

Our Design Solutions

To begin, the existing house suffered from a failing foundation. Our new design replaced and deepened the foundation for a larger basement. By adding a two-story 'side addition,' we are able to create a four-bedroom home, including a full master suite. The first floor has been opened up to create a larger front living room with visually connected dining room and kitchen. 

Architectural detailing aids the transition between spaces with a visual layering effect.

The rear of the home now features a large family entry with a connected laundry room, and a new front office spills out onto a large front entry porch.

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Floor Plan Before

Floor Plan After