Arlington Renovation | Stairs

Staircase Dilemma

The stairs were a unique project within our larger remodeling project.  From our knowledge of the codes, we knew the existing staircase railing had to be modified.    

Staircase Solution

This slight dilemma in the project encouraged our designers and builders to get creative.  The existing staircase used a post and rail system, but the rail height was too low and not up to code.  We removed the railing and balusters and cut the posts at about a foot from the ground, as shown in the first picture below.  We created new posts which met the proper height requirement that fit inside the larger, existing post base.  We turned this “new base” into a molding detail, making it look like it was always apart of the stairs and giving the staircase more character.  New balusters were put in at the correct spacing and topped with the handrail.  These new features blended perfectly with the rest of the structure we were able to reuse.

Fit and Finish

Below we see Matt working hard for a seamless fit and finish to this beautiful staircase.  The new caps on the post and the railing were chosen to be stained grade to match the hardwood floors, while the balusters will remain paint grade.  As soon as the post and rail are stained, the stairs will be done!