What's Best, a Cooktop and Wall Oven or a Range When Remodeling?

Cooktop and Wall Oven or Range? Which is best for Kitchen Remodeling?

When choosing your appliances for a kitchen design and remodeling, your choices often come down to style and value. Refrigerators, trash compactors, and dishwashers all fit standard cabinet openings. However, when it comes time to choose your cooking appliances, you have a range and wide variety of choices. A standard combination range is an easy choice as they come in standard sizes from 30-inches for a standard consumer model up to 60-inches wide for professional chef ovens.

However, if you choose to create your remodeling design using a wall oven (or ovens) and a cooktop, it changes your options. Your decision affects other elements of your design including cabinets, counter space and factors like ventilation and lighting. The issue is that both pro-level ranges and a wall oven/cooktop are both excellent choices depending on your budget, the space available and your design. So how do you choose the best options for you?

Remodeling and Design: Is A Wall Oven/Cooktop or Pro Range Right For You

The good news? There's no wrong decision when it comes to choosing between a range and a wall oven/cooktop for your kitchen remodeling. Your decision rests on your personal preference and aesthetic design needs. The only tricky part is that you'll need to make your decision before you develop your kitchen design.

Your decision will impact your design and layout, including cabinets, countertops, ventilation, lighting, and infrastructure including gas, water and electrical placement. If you decide to go with a range, you will only lose 30 to 60 inches of counter space and cabinets, but it does not affect your overall design.

The only time you'll need to consider your design is if you choose to go with a wall oven(s)/cook top. Your designer will need to incorporate these elements into your design before you proceed with construction. Single or double ovens will be placed in the kitchen triangle and could effect cabinet space. In addition, you'll need to place your cooktop. If you are including an island in your design it's is a bit easier to deal with. If your cooktop will be placed within a countertop, you'll need to consider the loss of valuable prep space.

Let's look at the pros and cons of both a wall oven/cooktop and a pro range to help you to make a decision.

The Pros and Cons of a Wall Oven/Cook Top


Cooking Capacity

If you choose to go with a single wall oven, you'll have the same capacity as a 36-inch range. The real benefits of this design come if you choose to include a double wall oven configuration. The only way to match the cooking capacity of a double wall oven is by using a 60-inch professional range in your design... and few spaces are large enough to house one. If you cook large meals for family and friends or love to bake, a double oven can be a great choice!

Easy Access

Wall ovens are easier to access as they are generally installed at eye level. This means no bending and is a major benefit for older homeowners who choose to age-in-place.



Having two separate cooking areas can be challenging in a smaller kitchen. If you have the space, in your kitchen, this is not really a problem.


A wall oven/cooktop is more expensive because you'll need to purchase two appliances, a wall oven or double oven and a separate cooktop, in essence, doubling your costs for cooking appliances.

The Pros and Cons of a Pro Range



Because the range includes both the cooktop and oven it takes up less real estate in the kitchen. This makes it an excellent choice for a smaller space.


A pro range offers more style that a traditional wall oven/cooktop. A professional range like those made by Viking or Wolf offer an industrial look complete with beefy handles and large knobs. They are beautifully designed and can serve as a focal point in your kitchen design.


Economically, a range offers the best value. All of your cooking needs are met by a single purchase. Even if you opt for a high-end professional range like a Viking or Wolf, you can save thousands of dollars over the equivalent level of wall oven/cooktop.



Because the oven is under the cooktop you will need to bend or crouch. This can be tough as you age.

Cooking Capacity

Depending on the size, a range can be limiting when it comes to oven capacity. Unless you go with a larger range, you'll be dealing with a single oven. Although you typically won't require the capacity two ovens offer, when you do, it's a great convenience.


As you can see, there really is no wrong decision. It comes down to personal choice, your lifestyle, the available space in your kitchen and of course your budget. If you're considering a new kitchen remodel, talk to a designer or design-build contractor. We would be happy to provide your remodeling services. Contact us by clicking here.

At Forward Design Build our expert designers can help you to understand all of your options. If you allow your available space and cooking needs be your guide, you'll make the perfect decision for your dream kitchen remodeling!

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