Master Suite Bathroom Lighting Ideas for a Home Remodel

Master Suite bathroom Lighting Suggestions

Learn The Best Lighting Solutions For A Master Suite Bathroom

We all spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom conducting everyday tasks like applying makeup in the morning, brushing our teeth and shaving. That's why it's essential to have functional lighting throughout your master suite.

You should approach bathroom lighting by thinking about how you use the space, for example, do you enjoy a relaxing soak in your soaking tub before retiring for the evening? Wouldn't you love soft relaxing lighting for those times? Or do you spend time in the morning putting on your makeup for the day and your room lacks natural light, what's the best way to achieve lighting that is “true” so you can always look your best?

The bathroom often serves multiple functions simultaneously, so you'll need to work with your designer to develop a lighting plan that takes all of its uses into account. An ideal lighting plan will include task, accent, decorative and ambient lighting elements artfully distributed to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary where everyday tasks become more enjoyable and easier to accomplish.

Let's take a look at the best way to light your master suite using the four broad types of lighting including task, accent, decorative and ambient lighting fixtures.

Master Suite Lighting Choices

Each type of lighting has a particular function in a well-lit bathroom. Some elements focus on creating the perfect soft light for relaxing, and others are purely functional. A good lighting plan will have fixtures that while still incorporating aesthetic design allow enough light to accomplish the tasks surrounding preparing for work. Let's start by looking at lighting for a master suite bath:

Task Lighting

Task lighting is the light by which you can best see yourself. Proper task lighting is necessary especially around the mirror and vanity. This is the light you'll use to best apply your makeup in the morning, and for men the most efficient lighting when shaving.

Sconces mounted at eye level around the vanity mirror is the perfect way to provide shadowless lighting. This is the best form of lighting for makeup application, shaving, tooth care and more. Try to avoid adding a light fixture above the mirror or using recessed lighting in the ceiling above your vanity. This lighting placement tends to throw a harsh light downward onto your forehead and will cast shadows around your eyes nose and chin.

Having master suite task lighting that takes into consideration where shadows are cast, will help you to feel better and more confident throughout the day. Placing task lighting on a dimmer can help it to perform double duty as ambient lighting. 

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the perfect choice if you enjoy art in the bathroom. Recessed directional lighting can highlight individual pieces of art. If you have an alcove you've dedicated to a sculpture or vase of flowers, accent lighting can create a focal point on that particular element. Accent lighting fixtures tend to be narrow spot lights that cast harder light with deeper shadows.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting can add an element of sparkle and design to your space. For example, a beautiful, interesting pendant or chandelier hung over the stand-alone soaking tub can be a glamorous touch and make an everyday bath seem more luxurious. In a larger rectangular en suite consider installing two or three fixtures along the ceiling plane for perfect illumination. Simple candles are an excellent way to add sparkle and create a romantic, relaxing mood. Just make sure you never leave them unattended and keep them away from towels and curtains.

Ambient Lighting

Finally, adding ambient lighting can “fill in”the details of your space. In bathrooms with taller ceilings an alcove or architectural details, ambient lighting installed along the perimeter can be used to highlight architectural details. The details can even be used to hide the fixtures and create elegant indirect lighting. A pendant light with a translucent shade can be used as ambient or decorative lighting.

Remember to try to keep your lighting types segregated to different switches so you can mix and match your lighting to fit your mood or the task at hand. In fact, you may also want to put the bathroom ventilation fan onto a separate switch to have better control over its use.

Your master suite lighting is an important element that when approached correctly can help you to create a beautiful, relaxing getaway in this most private of spaces. With a little planning and some thought your lighting could help to define your bathroom aesthetically, as well as provide you the perfect environment for starting your day and promoting a sense of peace and calm when you return home. If you have questions about lighting your master suite bathroom, contact us and speak to one of our designers. They are experts who can recommend the ideal lighting fixtures for your home remodel.

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