Love The Look of a Mid-Century Modern Home? Kitchen Remodel Tips

Love Mid-Century Modern? Here Are Some Tips For The Kitchen!

Mid-century modern design is hot! It's been enjoying a long revival that's brought back the ingenious architectural designs of the 1950's. It was a time of unique, custom made designs with sharp clean lines and functionality. With the warmth of natural wood, modern, clean lines, and a comfortable feel it's no wonder mid-century modern is trending. Whether you're just looking for add a retro element or two or looking for a complete remodel of a vintage home, we can help.

Homeowners have been searching for these gem homes that are the anthesis of mass-produced, cookie cutter homes that we often see being built today. Unfortunately, most of these original gems are off the market, but that doesn't mean that you can't incorporate mid-century modern design into your kitchen remodel to achieve the look and functionality of this in-demand style.

The following are kitchen remodel tips that can help you to incorporate mid-century design into your home!

Mid-Century Modern Means Open Space and Real Wood!

Today's hot trend in open concept living had its start in the 1950's mid-century modern design. Before then, homes were functional, compartmentalized spaces with clearly defined rooms. Think of those affordable post-war cookie-cutter housing tracts built for our returning soldiers. In the 1950's and 60's architectural design focused on creating unique living spaces by opening up space, removing barriers between the living room and kitchen to create a grand living space, often with walls of glass and soaring ceilings. This allowed designers to incorporate both form and function into their architectural designs.

Working with an architect can help you to achieve this look in your own home. Removing walls, and opening up your space is a great idea and can bring your home into the realm of those open, airy mid-century homes. Make sure you choose a competent team. Removing walls may require structural modifications to your home, and you'll need to consider this cost when planning your remodel. If you have the budget, think about adding other mid-century elements like a beautiful floor to ceiling two-sided stone fireplace between the eat-in dining space and living room.

Kitchen cabinets and other furniture in the 1950's was made of real wood, not the cheap engineered pressed wood of today. Furniture was built to last, had clean lines and solid natural wood construction from beautiful materials like teak, walnut, oak, and rosewood. Today, many manufacturers are returning to these materials and design because they mimic the classic pieces using solid wood construction and clean, modern lines. Design Within Reach, The Mod Shop, West Elm, and Hive Modern are examples of retailers that embrace modern design elements. In an open concept home, elements like real wood kitchen cabinets can become a strong focal point, lending themselves to a contemporary mid-century feel.

The Details Can Make Your Mid Century Modern Design Pop!

The original mid-century movement was propelled by post-war soldiers returning home. They were seeking an optimistic future and wanted their homes to reflect this optimism by feeling modern and futuristic. Everything in the kitchen was meant to be the wave of the future.

To replicate this look today, you want to feature clean lines in the kitchen. Replace ornate cabinetry with plain flat ones made out of solid natural wood. Add stainless steel appliances, clean white marble countertops and consider cork or retro-styled laminate for flooring. Overall, you're looking for clean, simple, uncluttered lines throughout the kitchen.

In keeping with the “clean” theme, most mid-century homes feature walls covered in white paint. It allowed the furnishings and materials to take center stage. Consider keeping it simple with clean white walls. On the flip side, bold geometric prints as accent features were also very popular. Maybe a feature wall in the dining area using bold geometric print wallpaper can add just the pop of interest your space needs!

Many mid-century homes featured beautiful modern lighting like sculptural chandeliers, “sputnik” lights or sleek chrome creations. Unique pendant lights and fixtures can not only be functional; they can set the style of the room. Adding bold lighting choices can help to take your home back to this unique artistic era.

At Forward Design Build we help our clients to achieve their dreams! We love mid-century modern design and can show you how to incorporate this style into your kitchen remodel. If you're planning a new kitchen and are considering mid-century design elements, contact us today! Let us help you to add the right elements to your kitchen to create the modern design aesthetic you're seeking!

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