7 Popular Types of Windows Used in Home Remodeling

7 Types of Windows And Where They Are Used

Your home's windows should be both functional and beautiful. They need to let in the light, keep out the weather and look great doing it! If you're planning on replacing your windows, you have a wide variety when it comes to the types of windows you can choose from.

Choosing the right windows comes down to several factors including functionality, the right style to enhance the look and curb appeal of your home, and your budget. You need to educate yourself to the possibilities, and to that end here are seven of the most popular window types used in home remodeling.

7 Popular Types of Windows

There are many different types of windows available, from double-hung and Palladian to fanlight to name just a few. Most designs are based on a few common styles. When choosing windows for your home remodeling project, there are several other factors to consider (which we'll examine in later posts) like double or triple pane glass, low-e, and other factors. For today, we're going to look at the 7 most popular types of windows used in home remodeling.

Double Hung Windows

This is probably the most common type of window used on residential architecture. Double hung windows offer the most flexibility when it comes to opening or closing them. There are two moving parts, or sashes that slide up and down a rail to open or close the window.

Because of their construction, it means that all of the glass can be cleaned from inside the house. Many newer models feature a tilt in feature making cleaning even easier. Double hung windows are mostly made from two large panes of glass, but there are many decorative options allowing you to get them in styles that look like several smaller panes are used. Your choice depends on the architectural style of your home.

Fanlight Windows

A fanlight window is a semi-circular window that is traditionally found over an exterior doorway. First made popular in Georgian England, the fanlight was designed to let light into dark entry hallways.

Today, they are typically found in Federal and Colonial Revival architecture but are also used on other types of building styles. Fanlights can be intricately designed, with muntins made of lead or wood creating the panes into various patterns like sunbursts.

Palladian Windows

Named for the 16th-century Italian architect Andrea Palladio, the Palladian window is an asymmetrical three-part window that features a semi-circular fanlight over the central portion of the window. Popular in English, Georgian architecture, which features a rigorous symmetry, today this style of window is popular for homes in the Federal and Colonial Revival styles, as well as in the modern and contemporary styles.

Bay and Bow Windows

Both of these styles are designed to stick out from the house, as opposed to other styles which are flush with the exterior walls. Bay and bow windows use units that consist of several frames that are set at an angle to one another.

Bay windows have a precise definition. They are always composed of three frames. Bow windows have more than three frames in the same general arrangement. There are some other stylistic differences, for example, Bay windows typically have a larger center frame flanked by two smaller frames. The overall effect is more angular. Bow windows typically use windows of equal size and feature curved frames providing a “softer” appearance. Consider your home's architectural style when choosing between a bay or bow window.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are extremely practical and highly functional. They open by sliding along a track and come as both single hung and double hung models. They are perfect for modern homes because they tend to feature simple lines and large plain panes of glass.

From a practical standpoint, they do much more that allow air and light into the home. Their ability to open wide makes them a good portal for bringing in furniture or other items that might not fit through a door.

Garden Windows

If you love to grow fresh herbs all year long, a garden window is a great addition. They stick out from the house and provide a bright sunny area with glass on all the enclosed sides. A shelf offers space for keeping a row of plants. Typically found in the kitchen, it's a perfect area to grow your herb garden.

Casement Windows

Usually rectangular in shape, casements come in a number of different framing options making it possible to find the right look in all but the most contemporary or modern style homes. They can be opened completely using a cranking mechanism so full ventilation is easy to obtain.

When carefully chosen, replacement windows can add a huge amount of curb appeal to your home. They provide many benefits like allowing in plenty of natural light, regulating air flow and in the case of bow and bay windows, a lovely area to sit. Speak with your design-build-remodel contractor. They can help you to choose the perfect window solution for your next remodeling project. 

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