Arlington Renovation | Drywall

Drywall and the emotional response!

What a difference!

Drywall installation and finishing marks an important turning point in a remodeling project.  It is a striking visual turning point from the “rough-in” stages to the start of the “finish” stages.  The drywall sets the stage for the interior volume, natural light, and the finishes to come. In this regard, it's an exciting change.  However, watching this change is as exciting as watching ice melt.  


After the board is hung, finishing the drywall takes time, and yields very little visual change.  From our clients point of view, it often marks the a low point in the remodeling process.  See the chart below.  We understand this and do our best to help our client through these “low” moments.  We find the best way to to lift spirits during this stage is keeping the space clean and reviewing the next start for Trim work!   Bring on The finishes!