Creating a Functional Mudroom

This project was completed by Forward Design Build:  Fresh Laundry

This project was completed by Forward Design Build: Fresh Laundry

A mudroom is one of the most functional areas any home can have, but especially here in Ann Arbor where we see lots of sloppy conditions. It is the ideal place to come in from a day in the snow, sun or sand because it catches dirty shoes, dropped towels, wet dog paws and more with ease and simplicity – helping to keep your home cleaner and more organized in the process. Plus, it can act as a critical staging area to help you prepare for the day and store the things that help your life run on schedule.

If your mudroom is lacking, cluttered or less functional than you’d like, follow these tips to bring it up to par.

Tip #1: Clear the space and reorganize it.

Most mudrooms are not functional merely because they’re too cluttered and people feel married to their current mudroom layout. To break free of this cycle, clear the mudroom out and reorganize it accordingly.

As you do this, think about the simple home improvements that would make the space more user friendly. For example, do you need coat racks to catch dropped rain jackets or a wicker basket to receive mail and newspapers? Simple considerations such as these can go a long way toward making your mudroom more functional in the near future.

Tip #2: Make the most out of concealed spaces.

Mudrooms are typically small, and one big mistake people make with them is not taking advantage of the unique, hidden spaces available – like the room behind the door or a small vertical space between a shelving unit and the wall.

To make your mudroom more functional, embrace these spaces. One idea: hang an over-the-door rack behind the door and use that odd, narrow space to stash brooms and mops for quick clean-up. With a little bit of ingenuity, the mudroom can be functioning better than ever in no time at all. 

Tip #3: Add functional elements.

How much more functional would your mudroom be if you added a sink or reconfigured the space to accommodate your washer and dryer? In addition to streamlining your coming-home process, a mudroom equipped with a washer and dryer or sink can make getting cleaned up easier and eliminate dragging the dirty items to another place inside the house.

Tip #4: Give the space a fresh coat of paint.

Mudrooms have a tendency to get dirty, and they can feel dingy quite quickly without a new coat of paint. As you spruce up your space, don’t feel confined to the respectable neutrals that are so popular for mudrooms. Instead, give yours a coat of fun, splashy color to make it pop and welcome visitors to your home. 

Tip #5: Make the most of the height.

To get as much storage as possible from your mudroom, opt for floor-to-ceiling shelving. In addition to storing more, this will also allow you to find what you’re looking for without straining your back in the process. 

A Functional Mudroom Starts Here

A mudroom can work wonders toward making your home feel more organized. While many people feel overwhelmed by their mudrooms, these simple tips can make your mudroom more user-friendly than ever before.

For expert help creating a functional mudroom you’ll love, contact us. We’ll work with you to accommodate all of your needs and ensure your new mudroom is exactly what you had envisioned.