Design Matters | Wine Storage for Everyone

Traditional Wine Cellar by Park City Architect Jaffa Group Design Build

Creating a wine storage area can be a great addition to a oenophile's home. Like any remodeling project, they can be over-the-top affairs or practical solutions for storing wine. Cellars like the one above are built to house massive collections and have temperature and humidity controls to provide optimum conditions.

Modern Wine Cellar

Frameless glass enclosures can be used to create a separate wine area, and look sleek and sophisticated while doing it.

Contemporary Wine Cellar by New York Photographer Robert Granoff

Back-lighting can be used to create a moody effect.

Contemporary Basement by  Forward Designers and Builders

Smaller collections can be subtle details, here we built this wine cabinet to take advantage of the dead space in this plumbing wall.

Contemporary Kitchen by Tel Aviv Interior Designer SK Designers - Shimrit Kaufman

Here, the wine collection adds visual interest to this all white kitchen.