And that's a wrap! This custom basement remodel has come to an end and we couldn't be happier! Final photos will be coming in October, after we finish their kitchen and laundry/mudroom remodel.


The finishing touches are all that's left for this basement remodel. Almost everything pictured below was custom made for these fun clients - the stairs handrail, the floating curved wood bartop, both built-ins, and the floating bath vanity. We will have final photos coming soon!


Some elements of a project require a little more explanation and this LED lighted soffit is one of them! With this post, we wanted to showcase the evolution of this detail from start to finish. The concept was born from Lead Designer Ann-Marie Clark as an accent light and our clients loved the idea. From the drawing board to actual construction, Ann-Marie worked closely with our Lead Carpenter Matt Nicholas in developing the details, which is one of the benefits of design build. The challenging aspect was creating a natural curve on the soffit and the recessed light, while also locating 3 independent recessed can task lights. This detail will also play very well with the adjacent floating curved wood bartop! More to come! ;)


Cabinets are starting to go in which means this project is close to being done. Shims - small pieces of wood - are used to insure the cabinets are completely level.  The countertop template is on its way!


And the drywall is up! The green colored walls are the new drywall called green board and the yellow walls are the existing walls. Typically we only use green board in bathrooms since it helps protect against moisture, but basements are another great place to use it for extra protection.


Matt - the lead carpenter - is showing the clients what the final height of their new light fixture will be during our mechanical walk through meeting. This is where the carpenter will draw or put index cards on the wall where each outlet and light switch will be. This allows the client to walk through the space to verify the location and to add or remove any outlets or switches as needed.


Client Remodeling Goals

Our clients wanted an updated modern basement that was completely open for their children to run around and play. They desired a unique space for their kids as well as a place to entertain adult guests. 

Our Design Solutions

By eliminating the former exercise room, the space completely opened up. We tucked the bar into the corner to create a separate space for adults to be while their children play or watch movies. Custom built-ins allow for maximum storage without interrupting the new open floor plan. 

The bathroom was enlarged to allow for a new shower and a double floating vanity with a full tiled wall to give the space a tranquil, spa-like feel.

Framing has already begun! The curved soffit is starting to take shape and the bathroom got a whole lot bigger. In order to get the curve correct on the soffit, Matt - the lead carpenter - drew the curve and cut it out in plywood which then became the bottom of the soffit.


Tim - the production manager - is checking in on how the demo is going. The guys had to remove a few walls in the main space and 1 wall in the bathroom. The drywall was also removed in certain areas where we will be tiling the wall or where a lot of electrical work needs to be done.