Job Description, Production Manager

The Production Manager is responsible for keeping the team on schedule while delivering the best client service and quality. His/ her key responsibilities are to produce a production overview schedule, manage individual lead carpenters and teach best practices, and provide feedback, or push back on design and cost estimating during the design process. The Production Manager should assist designers with site visit and review structural integrity, construct¬≠ability, and red flag issues of the home. He/ she will work with the designers to review proposed designs for feasibility. He/ she will also need to assist the estimator with all mechanical and practical elements of the proposed project. The Production Manager is responsible for ordering all windows, exterior doors and long lead items, running weekly meetings with lead carpenters and providing guidance and support. He/she will need to complete all change orders and fill out CO form and hand off to Finance/Office Manager for send. 

This position is currently closed but we are always looking for qualified individuals to join our team. If you're interested in a position with Forward Design Build, we want to hear from you. Please email us your resume, cover letter, and portfolio by clicking on the button below.