As we wrap up this project, Carpenter Brian Schmidt helps jumpstart the regrowth of our great clients' lawn! It's all about those little details at Forward. And doesn't the new exterior look great?

We're putting the final touches on this project! Stay tuned for the finished views coming soon.


FDB's Jeff Bishop installs the Delray tile backsplash from Ceramic Tiles International. This herringbone design behind the stove will give the area added interest and texture.


Our clients and their project designer Ann-Marie came up with a countertop selection that combined two beautiful materials, which work together to create a sophisticated but approachable finish. The perimeter counter-tops are a gorgeous black soapstone by Pascucci, and the breakfast bar is topped with custom wood counter-top by cabinet maker Das Holz Haus.


Have you ever seen moldings installed, step-by-step? Here, you can see each stage our careful installation, which ensures that the crown stays in perfect place and appears flush without the need for caulking.


We just love the high quality and fully custom cabinetry we get from Das Holz Haus, master cabinet makers in Illinois. Project Manager Tim Frincke does the work of ensuring they're installed perfectly (with a little help from Carpenter Jon)!


With a goal of maintenance-free siding, we are using a combination of vinyl and aluminum.  The dark gray siding and white trim will provide a dramatic contrast and add major curb appeal to the home.


Almost every type of insulation! For our exterior walls, we used blown-in cellulose insulation at our 2x6 walls, and closed-cell spray foam at the existing 2x4 walls.  The attic features a combination of blown-in cellulose and closed-cell spray foam at the transition from flat ceiling to "open attic storage"  The fiberglass insulation is used in the new second floor walls.


Project Manager Tim Frincke demonstrates the Forward team's attention to detail, creating digital drawings on his tablet to keep everyone on the same page.


Designing the proper mechanical runs and placement is extremely important to the comfort of any space. In this situation, we designed and planned for a "double wall" to place and deliver multiple mechanical functions.  


It's a good thing we had planned to replace the roof.  We also added a overhang to help prevent ice damming.


The framing of an addition is always a dramatic change.  The new front porch adds instant curb appeal. We are utilizing traditional framing methods here, with 2x6 walls and roof trusses.


Laying the foundation for our new (larger) addition at the rear and side of the home.  We are using a traditional concrete block foundation over a concrete strip footing.  The inside of this crawlspace will be fully insulated.


What a neat find - a wiring approval for this home, dated September 15, 1939.



Everything went as expected at this stage - even the asbestos wrapped pipe. From the unfinished basement, we could tell that the pipes had previously been wrapped and removed.  So we expected to see this in the walls.  


The biggest demo project was the addition on the back of this home; it was in disrepair and not functioning well for the family. So we took it apart! We'll build a more functional addition in this space - a bit larger to accommodate new dining space as well as a larger kitchen.


In order to make this experience as comfortable for our clients as possible, we carefully enclose our work areas. This protects them from the inevitable dust and debris during construction, and keeps the other areas of their home clean. On the right is the temporary kitchen we've set up in an alcove outside of our work area - something to help their lives proceed as normally as possible while we work our magic!


The inspiration below represents just a fraction of the decisions made in this design/build project. That's why having an expert to help you through is so valuable - we take an overwhelming amount of choices and narrow them down to a selection that best suits your desired look and budget!



This project consists of replacing a poorly-functioning addition to include new entertaining space and a completely remodeled kitchen. We'll also give this home a complete facelift on the exterior (roof, siding and front entry) which is on the older side and has extensive water damage. Our plan is to make this home more functional for both everyday family life and for entertaining our clients' wealth of family and friends.

Client Remodeling Goals

Our clients had reached their breaking point with their home! They considered selling first, but had grown to really love their community and neighborhood. The 1940’s Cape Cod has been their home for over 14 years, and they asked for our help to keep it that way.

The existing back family room, a previous three-season room addition, was in poor condition and not functioning for the family. A primary goal for our clients was the ability to have guests visit with confidence; they asked us for a space more suitable to entertaining, open to the kitchen and dining areas.

The existing kitchen was too small, and really just acted as a hallway from the back entry to the house. Our clients asked us for a larger kitchen, one that would act as a focal point of the first floor. Though very clear about what was not working with the home, they needed guidance to meet all of these needs in a timely manner and within their budget.



Our Design Solutions

We tore down the dilapidated family room addition and modified its footprint, providing the appropriate space for a dining room and a family gathering space. We also built a small 4-foot addition on the side of the house, maximizing the buildable area of the lot.

This paid huge dividends for creating a two-person kitchen, which thanks to a new wood-wrapped drop beam is open and inviting. Merging these two additions together allowed us to create a natural peninsula between the kitchen and the new dining room, a place where their two boys might eat or do homework. This creates open views from the kitchen into the family room.

In conjunction with the interior remodel, we also did an exterior facelift; the new siding will serve them well for years, and a new treatment of the front porch gives this home added curb appeal.